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Japanese anime vs American anime, why is Japanese animation better than American?


Japanese animation is also called anime which is a Japanese term for animation. When the style of Japanese animation and media production crosses the continent it also became popular in America. It inspired the American animators to get things done just like the Japanese are doing.

Japanese and American, both anime styles are totally different because they have their own theme for animation and cultural influences in their storyline. Japanese anime are popular across the globe and stand a higher position when an anime lover compares both the styles. Even after low budget production, why Japanese anime are more popular then American anime? Why anime lovers prefer Japanese anime anytime over American anime? You can find answers to all your queries in this post to decide which one’s is actually better?

Animation Style: Colorful detailing vs lack of color
The look and feel of Japanese anime is the reason anime lovers prefer this category over the American variant. In Japanese anime, the animators pay great attention to details, like focused designing of hair, outfit and eye detailing. On the other hand, in American anime, you can easily see that there is lesser detailing and shading in the design.

Color plays a huge role in the popularity of Japanese anime. You can find detailed outlined colors that add depth to the character, whereas American anime are less colorful and don’t appeal the audience.

Japanese anime vs American anime, why is Japanese animation better than American?

Content Style Difference: Controversial issues vs child appropriate themes
If you are an 9anime lover, then you must already know the major difference lies in the content of Japanese and American style anime. Japanese anime are more favored globally because the content focuses on adult audience. The stories describe serious issues, controversial topics and dark and evil themes of the world.

The targeted audience of American animation is mostly medium aged children. The topics are quite light and most of the stories don’t focus on any complex issues.

Both kids and adult enjoy Japanese anime, whereas American anime are usually considered as a kids’ thing. The orientation towards kids makes American anime less favorable as compared to the wholesome entertainment offered by Japanese anime.

You can say that in Japanese anime one can find all genres for all age types but American anime are simply the children cartoons.

Opening and Ending Songs
Another great reason behind the popularity of Japanese anime is the long opening and ending songs. The melodious songs are usually 2 to 3 minutes long and composed specially to make the anime movie more popular. Regardless of the cultural difference, people from every corner of the world are becoming fan of music and composition of these songs. Such, melodious and catchy songs are not present in American anime, which makes them least favorite for anime lovers.

Japanese anime are known globally for being a wholesome entertainment. The characters are famous all around the world. People simply love the detailed colors and designing of the characters and therefore Japanese anime wallpapers are also high in demand.

Dramatic Viewpoints and angles of shots: Straight shots vs dramatic angles
Which one do you like- straight on camera shots or dramatic and exaggerated angles? The dramatic angles are often used in Japanese anime which make the story even more interesting. You can’t find these extreme effects and camera angles in American anime. This is another reason that the vote of anime lovers goes in the favor of Japanese anime.

Dramatic Viewpoints and angles of shots

The amount of content production
Even after the amazingly higher attention to detail, Japanese anime is produced way faster than American anime. Though, Japanese anime have low budget productions but still the colors, depiction and detailing is remarkable. American anime are usually higher budget productions. That’s why they take much time to produce the content.
According to studies, Japanese animators are more focused and hardworking and can produce a 30 minutes of movies within 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, American anime can disappoint their fans by their content production speed because it takes around 9-10 months to produce an American anime clip of 30 minutes.

Conclusion: Basically, it all comes down your preferences and personal choice that which one is better. If you like solid colors, no focus on shading and weirdly exaggerated facial features then American Anime is your thing. But, that’s not the case for a huge audience of anime lovers across the globe who loves the colorful detailing, designs and graphics of Japanese anime.

Apart from this, the basic difference between both these categories is that American anime features a good and heroic character. On the other hand, the characters of Japanese anime feature both good and bad qualities. The mix of good and bad is the basic reason that Japanese anime are more related and more popular than American Anime.