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Japanese racism in Canada

Blog: Japanese racism in Canada

Wardah Chaudhary

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The Japanese communities of British Columbia existed in a predominantly white and hostile environment.In 1895 the government denied the Japanese and their Canadian born children the right to vote.Asian were portrayed as a threat to the Canadian environment and economic security of the nation .In months after the attack of Japan on December 7,1941 the government used the war act measure to remove men ,women and children of Japanese ancestry from defense zone.In 1967 new immigration rules allowed Japanese to enter Canada on the basis of skills and occupational demands rather than being solely determined by the origin of country.In 1977 Japanese celebrated the centennial of the arrival of the first documented Japanese immigrant from Japan . After a 10 year struggle gaining community as well the public the National association of Japanese Canadians negotiated the redress settlement in 1988. Given the racism and the struggles of Japanese community had to go through ,the category of the four categories of Richard Roger's ,according to me the Japanese community lies in cultural dominance. In 1905 ,a Reverend sasaki senju , a head in the Japanese True Pure Land tradition came to Canada to establish a Buddhist temple , the Buddhist churches of Canada commemorated it and celebrated its centennial in 2005. The history of Japanese True Pure Land Buddhist is a long struggle of the Buddhists surviving in a hostile environment because of the fact that in the beginning of the 21st century the Canadian federal law and policies were extremely racist . Vancouver a great anti-Asiatic riot in march in 1907 smashing windows and destroying things from China town and little Tokyo. Along with USA ,Canada hauled its immigration laws and introduced a race neutral point bases system leading to massive immigration of all kinds of Buddhists. After 40 years of the change of the law enforcements ,Buddhism has come in from a fringe and ordinary are participating in Buddhist meditation normally and it is not considered strange ,many music and movie personalities are Buddhists and they are admired everywhere.

James Henke

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