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JNU & Jamia Protests: Why & What Now?

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Nirupama Sekhri

@ Listener of Small Voices | | News-Current-Topics

After the controversial attack on Jamia students protesting against the CAA by policemen on Dec. 15, 2019; faculty and students at the prestigious JNU were attacked on Jan. 5, 2020 by masked goons.

JNU & Jamia Protests: Why & What Now?


How could such violence be unleashed on state-sponsored universities of such high repute? And what does this bode for the future of liberal higher education in the country? Nirupama Sekhri talks with Sandeep Mohapatra, former ABVP President, JNU; Dr. Vikas Bajpai, JNU faculty; and Wahhaj Ahmad, Jamia Millia alumni to find out.

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