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know all Genuine Feedback & Reviews about Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute/ Hospital(RGCIRC)

Rishabh Kumar

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If your search is for the best cancer hospitals in India, it ends when you visit Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital. In order to understand the effective cancer treatment, you can completely rely on the feedback provided by the patients so far. However, pay attention to the fake reviews and feedbacks. We know that when an institute gains popularity, there is always a chance of rumours against that institute in the market. This is because of the rise in competition for the other close rivals. This is also known as modern marketing concept where competitors opt for providing negative feedbacks. Here fake customer ID’s are created and feedbacks are posted intentionally to defame the rivals. 

Recently, we can see a number of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Feedback over the internet. The genuine patients know this hospital for its effective cancer treatment and a complete care. RGCIRC is spread over thousands of square feet and has separate departments and facilities for different cancer patients. It has facilities like thyroid ward, Leukemia ward, MUD transplant unit, bone marrow transplant and stem cell transplant unit. For better care to the patients, it also has separate departments like surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, pediatric haematology oncology and the list goes on.

When reading Patient Feedback Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, you will notice that few of them do not provide the patient details and just focus on explaining issues at the hospital. They use hard words and influencing language that is indented to divert people to other available options in the market. Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital follows professionalism, have a culture of care for patients and provide satisfactory treatment. 

I have a personal experience with regard to the cancer treatment in the hospital. My father was shifted to this hospital for the treatment of throat cancer. So far all the facilities are available in the hospitals and specialist doctors are impressive. If I have to provide the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi Feedback, the staff of the hospitals is caring, soft spoken and caring. Have a team of cancer specialists with proper analysis and regular analysis of the progress. My father is recovering and all the credit goes to everyone in the hospital.

When I first researched for the Best Cancer hospital in India, I came across some of the fake feedbacks and reviews that diverted me. Later on, one of my friends suggested me to once visit the hospitals and take the treatment. I decided for a few week treatments and with a personal experience, I gained a complete satisfaction. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Feedback so far available over the internet is a mix of genuine and fake reviews. As a patient, you need to spot the difference. For a clear understanding of the treatment, contact the hospital, talk with experts and book an appointment and know the real facts. The hospitals have a long list of satisfied patients so far and the list is increasing each day.

Geet Sharma

When my aunt was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and we searched each and every hospital in the city to see what the best course of action would be. We were suggested Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital by a lot cancer survivors so decide to go ahead with her treatment there. My aunt was cured in a matter of months and our Patient Feedback for Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is extremely positive.

Shobha Mehta

Two years back I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My whole family was in shock and was very scared. Upon doing a lot of research and going through a lot of patient feedbacks of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, my family chose this hospital for my treatment as it turned out to be the best cancer specialist hospital in India. Even though the doctors treated with utmost care and hospital used ultra-modern techniques in the treatment, the procedures were a bit long, but at the end, none of this mattered, when I was declared free of cancer after 8 months.

Arushi Bhagat

I came to know that my childhood friend is in RGCIRC for his treatment of a benign tumour. I got hold of the address and ward number over the phone from him. Having visited that place I was struck by the institution’s dedication and quality of service. Clean, well-maintained and above all I took my friend home within a short time. It’s surely one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Delhi!

Neeraj Sharma

I wish my personal Patient Feedback Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute will help cancer patients to find best cancer specialist for effective treatment. I have completely recovered from throat cancer and living a normal life. I received best medcare facilities and healthy atmosphere that helped me to recover soon from this deadly disease.