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Lap Band Surgery Diet for Maximum Health Benefits


Lap band obesity surgery is one of widely adopted bariatric surgeries across the world with millions of people attaining numerous health benefits after having this surgery. It is means to bring a significant reduction in weight. This surgery involves the placement of a gastric band onto the stomach that helps people consume less food as compared to normal status. After having Lap Band Surgery, patients need to follow a strict dietary regime that must be followed in order to prevent post surgery complications such as band slippage and vomiting.

Moreover, a proper Lap Band Surgery Diet ensures instigating good eating habits that will help people lose extra weight. During the recovery period, there are particular time zones when foods are consumed in different textures. It is advisable to discuss your post lap band surgery diet with your nutritionist to ensure maximum benefits out of your lap band surgery.

After lap band surgery, it is imperative to follow the post-surgery diet stages considerably to ensure complete healing of the band. Make sure to intake substantial amount of fluids to keep yourself hydrated enough. You can drink clear fluids and liquid protein for nourishment. For the first several days after surgery, the main purpose is to remain hydrated.

From the first to second week after surgery, you can choose to take strained soups, fruit and vegetable juices with no added sugar, milk, low fat yogurt, and protein shakes.

From the third week, you can start consuming textured foods that are rich in protein and that start including fruits and vegetables into your diet. The pureed foods stage prepares your body for solid food so it is advised not to rush and start slowly till your stomach is in adjusting phase.

From the fourth week onwards, you can start including regular solid foods in your lap band surgery diet. You can start with softer, simpler foods and then move further gradually. In order to avoid swelling and irritation, make sure you thoroughly chew your food.

When it comes to pay your health check bills, most of the insurance companies are prepared to bear this brunt; however, there are few people who don't have medical insurance. My reason is to help those people live their life healthy. In the initial stages, the cost of lap band surgery was much higher as compared to now. With the passage of time, the Lap Band Surgery Cost has compact significantly.