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Latest Fares for Our Most Popular Routes


Here are the present passages for our 10 most prevalent household and universal courses. A few have remained the equivalent the recent weeks, however there are a not many that are less expensive. Exploit those lower admissions and book rapidly!

Every household toll are constant and on heritage transporters.

Our Top Subscribed Domestic Routes:

1. Los Angeles to Honolulu $338 roundtrip, relentless, on Multiple Airlines

This cost has continued as before for two or three weeks, and is a not too bad toll to Hawaii. Travel on different aircrafts through March. Look over Alaska, American, United, Delta, or Hawaiian.

2. Los Angeles to New York City JFK $237 roundtrip, relentless, on JetBlue

This charge has not changed in for a little while, and is genuinely OK. Once in a while you may discover it for under $200, which obviously, we will tell you about when it does. Travel through March.

3. Philadelphia to Orlando $173 roundtrip, constant, on American

Still under $200, and it's currently accessible for movement through mid November.

4. Newark to Orlando $103 roundtrip, constant, on United

Here's another that is continued as before cost, yet the accessibility has augmented. Travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays through May. It's Basic Economy, so in the event that you don't care for those confinements, Main Cabin seats are accessible for $179 roundtrip.

5. Chicago ORD to Las Vegas $183 roundtrip, constant, on American or United

This course has fortunately gone down in cost, however this passage is just accessible on a couple of dates in March and April, so you should be adaptable! It's Basic Economy, and Main Cabin is twofold the cost, so best to buck up and run with Basic Economy.

6. Chicago ORD to Orlando $97 roundtrip, constant, on United

Celebrate! This admission is down in the wake of being up for a short time, at the same time, is accessible for a couple of days in March and April, so you should be adaptable.

7. Atlanta to Las Vegas $197 roundtrip, relentless, on Delta

This passage has continued as before same value, same dates. Travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays, through the start of August.

8. Dallas DFW to Las Vegas $124 roundtrip, relentless, on American

This is a run of the mill admission for this course. Travel through August.

9. Boston to Orlando $177 roundtrip, relentless, on JetBlue and Delta

A $10 increment than what we had been seeing, yet at the same time an extraordinary passage under $200. Furthermore, it's accessible for whatever is left of 2019, into 2020. A few dates go up to $184, which is still not too bad for this course.

10. Atlanta to New York City LGA $147 roundtrip, relentless, on Delta

Here's another with a value that has remained the equivalent, yet with extended travel dates. Travel through mid November, with no accessibility for pinnacle summer travel.