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Learn How to handle Asthma during Pregnancy Time


Asthma is a lung-related disease in which the inner walls of the airways inflame or swell up, making it difficult for the air to pass through these airways. Asthma can also occur when the airways are blocked with extra mucus or phlegm.

Asthma in Pregnancy:

If this medical condition is associated with pregnancy, then it should be handled properly. You should talk to your doctor the moment you realize you are pregnant so that you can prevent all sorts of risks to the fetus. Mere negligence can have a major impact on the unborn child. So, it is important to talk to your doctor and use medicines without failure.

Symptoms of Asthma:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Wheezing
  • Persistent cough
  • Discomfort in chest

Learn How to handle Asthma during Pregnancy Time


By taking the prescribed medicines regularly, and by taking certain measures, you can keep asthma under control. So, identify the triggering conditions and try to avoid them. Below providedare a list of a few preventive tips:

  • Avoid cold environment; Cover yourself well if you are getting exposed to cold weather
  • Do not consume cold food items
  • Avoid being in polluted air
  • Avoid catching a common cold
  • Avoid smoky places
  • Do not stay in the water for a long time
  • Avoid allergy causing environment

Since you are now on medication, the growth and the development of the baby should be monitored closely. This may require you to visit the hospital more frequently than a normal pregnancy. Do not miss your prenatal appointments. These will help in analyzing the health conditions and the development of the fetus. Make sure you use the prescribed medicines regularly. This is because, if asthma is not managed properly during pregnancy, the fetus won’t be able to get sufficient oxygen. This results in any of the following conditions.

  1. Premature birth
  2. Low birth weight
  3. Restricted growth
  4. The child born can be very weak or may have less stamina

Asthma is a medical condition that can worsen as the pregnancy progresses. Therefore, it is highly important not to ignore it. It can be managed well with necessary measures. By using the medicines properly and with enough care, you can keep asthma under control and prevent the risk of it to your unborn child. On the other hand, unmanaged asthma can cause several complications to both the mother and to the unborn child. So, manage your asthma while you can. For this, use your medicines and inhalers regularly without fail. Most asthma medicines are safe to use during pregnancy. Always keep them handy and have the medicines in store for future use. To prevent skipping the medicines, you can contact best online pharmacy store in India. All you need to do is to upload your prescription. They offer genuine medicines and you will also get medicine delivery at the doorstep.

Don’t overlook asthma during pregnancy. Rather, take required care and enjoy safe pregnancy.