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Ali Khan

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List of 6 simple Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks


Social media has rapidly grown since 2010. New and newer social media networks are hitting the web every year. And people are rushing towards every new social media outlet because of their own interests or their friends or family members. In this article I will detail the Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks for Creating a Social Media Presence on the Internet.

Taking advantage of the fact that there are so many people using social media websites and apps online. Companies and Brands which were not interested in social media sites before are now hiring proper staff to make their social media presence known.

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List of 6 simple Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

Their brands are taking over the social media market and their is a lot of competition for specific genres. Having a social media presence is a must nowadays to improve your brand's visibility to the people that want your product.

List of 6 simple Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

There are so many social media SEO tips and tricks guides available on the internet and each of them shares a thorough research in the vast field of social media marketing. A keen interest and handful of knowledge is required before you start to work on the social media status of your product.

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1# Engage with your Email Subscribers

Using email to drive traffic to your blog, website or product is one thing. But using this technique to direct all of your followers to your social media accounts and pages is the main priority for your Social Media SEO.

By using this technique you can get new followers through their sharing your content and also build a better relationship with your existing followers.

Creating a social media presence is necessary for promoting your blog, website or product.

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2# Keep an eye for stats

Although I don't prefer paid adverts, but after you've realized which of your social media platforms is getting the best response from your followers, you can create a paid promotion for that specific platform to get the maximum out of that social media market.

Hire someone or keep an eye on the stats and create useful infographs which will help you understand how your campaign is performing.

Keep your content updated. People like a page that keeps them updated on the content.

Interact with your followers so as to not make them think that you are just marketing your product.

3# Make use of the demographics

Social media sites now allow page admins the ability to see stats for their pages like demographics etc. You can use these demographics for your own purposes, like targeting what type of users your product attracts.

These demographics help people to develop what type of product and what audience to sell these products. Understanding your stats and conversions help you predict the success or failure of your product.

By checking various feedback elements like followers, likes, mentions, replies etc., you can target the right type of audience from your social media following.

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4# Build Trust among your Followers

Any running business that wants to flourish beyond its current position should keep good relations with its clients. Building trust with product consumers is the main priority of any surviving business.

It is seen that trusted brands have a longer recall value among its clients. And brands with trust issues has a lower client retention rate. Their repeat customers are lower in number.

Engagement through social media is the best way to interact with your clients and retain customers at the same time.

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5# Minimize Bot presence

Every time you message some brand page on facebook, a pre-written reply is generated. Any further discussion in bot messages that either facebook or the brand page has fed to the bot. There is no communication between the client and the page owner rather there is only talk between a bot and client.

This creates a communication gap between client and the business man. Replying to the questions asked by the client as quickly as possible reduces this gap. That is why facebook shows response rate with facebook pages to tell clients about the communique of the businessman running this page.

You should try to be active on social media as much as possible so as to not let this gap get any bigger.

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6# Get Website Traffic from Social Media

Getting traffic to your business website can be a real issue sometimes. Social media helps bringing traffic to a website easily. By linking your social media accounts to your website, you can bring targeted traffic to your website.

People who are interested in your content are attracted easily through social links. Also commenting your website link at relevant comments helps spread your website's reach.

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Conclusion to Social Media SEO Tips and Tricks

With these tips, your social media SEO be well on its way to success. These are some of the social media SEO tips and tricks that I have found useful for my self and wanted to share with my internet followers.