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Liver Transplantation Cost In Delhi


For the patients who are dealing with acute liver failure, end-stage liver disease, and other such diseases related to the liver, they need to get the liver transplant done.

The liver transplantation is a process where a damaged or a diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver.

The healthy liver is donated by someone, and then only the liver transplantation can be done.

In other countries, the liver transplantation is quite costly compared to India. That is why even patients from foreign also who need to get the liver transplantation done to come to India.

But the liver transplantation can be done only when the suitable liver donor is available. There are many liver hospitals in Delhi, which provide the best facility for liver transplantation.

How to know that the donor is suitable for the liver transplantation?

As like in other organ transplantation, there is a lot which needs to be verified before the transplantation. But for Liver Transplantation, there are only a few things that need to get checked.

Firstly, the blood group of the recipient and donor should either match with each other or should be compatible with each other. Secondly, both the recipient and the donor should be of the same size. Because if there will be a big difference in their size, the size of the liver will also vary.

This will create a problem during the liver transplantation and even after the transplant. The most important is to know and check that the donor’s liver is in a healthy condition or not.

Cost of liver transplantation

For liver transplantation surgery in India, Delhi is a suitable city. The cost for the liver transplantation surgery in Delhi starts from around 15 Lakhs to 16 Lakhs. It can be more depending on the treatment or the medical condition or the complications in the patient’s report. Other than Delhi, you can also visit Hyderabad and Mumbai for the Liver Transplantation Surgery.

If we compare the cost of Liver Transplantation surgery in India with the other countries, then their cost may be just double the cost of surgery in India or even more. The cost in India may be less, but the facilities provided in Delhi or Hyderabad hospitals for the liver transplant surgery is best and advanced. That is why India is also known as the hub for liver transplant surgery all over the world.

If you will compare the cost of liver surgery in hospitals in Delhi, be it Private hospitals or government hospitals, the cost will vary.

Hospitals for Liver Transplantation in Delhi

Talking about the best hospitals in Delhi for Liver Transplantation, so it depends on several factors. We personally cannot recommend you the hospitals in Delhi as it depends on your medical conditions and affordability too.

But we can assure you that in Delhi Liver Transplantation hospitals, you will get the best liver doctor for surgery and treatment. In addition, you will get all the advanced facilities, which the hospitals in abroad provide.

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