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Love Collecting Antique Walking Canes? Here are 3 Sticks You Need to Buy!


“Do you want to add some stunning walking canes to your collection? If yes, then please read this blog”.

In the past, most men and women were seen walking with a stick in hand. Unlike today, in the earlier times, walking canes were used as a status symbol. They were often designed with metals and jewels so that everybody can get an idea about how affluent the person is. They were basically a fashion accessory rather than being a walking aid.

However, things have changed over time and people now use it as a walking aid. People with mobility issues mostly invest in these walking canes. And yes, there is another kind of people who invest in walking canes – the ones who love collecting unique walking canes. If you are one of them, then you are on the right page because today, I am going to talk about three stunning canes that you need to include in your collection. If you pay a lot of attention to the method in which the canes were made and their aesthetic beauty, then you must add these three to your collection.

Sword canes - The second one that deserves a place in your unique collection is the sword cane. The intricate designs of the canes will surely leave you impressed. If you personally ask me, then I must admit that I have a special thing toward them. I own three sword canes, each with a different handle and look in my collection. Again there can be some regional restrictions on its usage; so be a little careful. They are designed with removable blades so that you can keep it in your collection as well as use it as a normal walking stick. The stiletto shaped blade is removable, which is highly convenient. Moreover, a tight opening telescopic mechanism offers you to load the cane as normal handmade walking canes even without the installation of the blade. The release mechanism works on its own, which is again a huge advantage. Make sure that the cane's blade is made from high-quality stainless steel. You can choose a 12" or 16" blade according to your choice.

Handmade Animal Walking Canes - Lastly, you must also invest in one or more canes that are inspired by the Fauna. Walking canes with frog, horse, dragon, heron and snake, wolf, etc designed on their handles are stunning and should be there in your collection. Make sure that they are made from high-quality wood and from German silver or some other high-quality metal. Just check the credentials of the company before you choose the same.

So these are the three unique walking canes that you need to add to your collection. Now that you know it all, what are you waiting for? Start your search now.

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Author Bio: Jeff, a regular blogger on unique walking canes or handmade walking canes, writes about three fantastic walking canes here. To choose the best handmade walking sticks, read his articles and blogs.