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John Mathew

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Machine Learning and the Future of Search Engine Optimization


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the next big things. We have heard of AI and machine learning in Sci-fi movies where AI robots rebel against the human race to end the mankind. But the reality is totally different. In the real world, AI and machine learning are helping humans in a number of ways. Self-driving cars, Apple’s Siri, automated industries are various examples.

Machine Learning is also changing the way how SEO is done. Machine learning has a huge impact on SEO. Google is using machine learning algorithms in all its new SERP (Search Engine Result Page Updates). You may have noticed that your website ranking is depreciating when Google updates its algorithms. This is because of machine learning algorithms. If you are not familiar with the machine learning techniques, its time for you to pay close attention.

What is Machine Learning?

Before we delve deep into the topic, let us first know what machine learning is.

Machine Learning is the sub-branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the algorithms to make machines that has the ability of reasoning, problem-solving, perception and decision making.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a vast concept. It is the branch of computer science that make the machines do the tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence.

Now let us discuss how machine learning is changing the future of the SEO

Machine Learning in SEO

Machine learning algorithms are making SEO more intelligent. The importance of content has increased than never before. The content of the website should be relevant and useful for the user on every platform. This helps in making the RankBrain optimized. Google has the aim of providing the best content for the user. Therefore to create a relevant and intent-based content is most important. Digital marketers have to change their strategies from SEO techniques driven to content driven.

In the past, the focus was only on using the keywords. If you are using keywords in the content, you were ranked high by Google in the searches with blogger outreach service. But this is not the case now. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration before ranking. Like user behavior, website responsiveness on all devices, loading speed of the pages etc.

Future of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that is used to improve the quality and quantity of the website. Every business wants its website to rank higher in the SERP, so the role of SEO is nowhere going to outlast soon. In the upcoming future, however, the digital marketers cannot rely on one single formula for SEO techniques. Artificial intelligence applications in SEO are determining the user experience on various parameters. Machine learning algorithms are going to provide the best possible content to the user to enhance user experience.

In the upcoming future, we are going to witness following trends in SEO

1. Keywords become less important

With the RankBrain update of Google in 2015, Google has made clear that relying just on the keywords usage would do not do the task. Although keyword phrase usage is useful and is not obsolete it has lost the top spot. We have to adjust ourselves according to the update as Google considers RankBrain as its third most important ranking factor. And how to adjust according to the update? This we are going to discuss in the next point

2. The intent is more important

With RankBrain update, the intent behind the keyword becomes more important than the keyword itself. For example, if you search for ‘mens watches’, the top results Google will show is men's watches in E-commerce websites. Google has understood the intent behind the search that you are looking to buy a watch. Also, the content of the website should be optimized in accordance with the intent of the user.

3. Technical SEO

Machine Learning as a service has made the intent more important. With the passage of time, the importance of technical SEO is going to diminish. Moreover, artificial intelligence companies have made software and tools that will take care of the SEO optimization. So there is not much left for us to do. The only thing that is important and is going to make a difference is the powerful content. So get started and make powerful content.

4. On-page optimization and link building

On-page optimization is one of the classical technique of performing the SEO. But machine learning algorithms has decreased its importance also. On-page optimizations, title tags have not the same impact as before. Some of the top ranking pages in search are not even using keywords in their content. This indicates that the way of doing SEO has totally changed and is going to change further. Link building, however, has not lost its importance. If your content is backlinked from the related and quality domain, then definitely your ranking is going to improve.

5. Making Content Better

Advertisements campaigns have to make sure that the content they are using in the campaign should appeal the audience. The content should be relevant and personalized. This can help in improving the conversion rate. A better content also helps in driving the traffic towards your website. This results in the improved ranking in search engine result page. Machine learning algorithms are helping the advertisers to understand the customer behavior and personalizing the advertisements.


Machine Learning applications are having a huge impact on the SEO strategies. The traditional SEO techniques are not going to improve the ranking. The intent behind the search is going to be more important. The content is also going to play a major role in the future of SEO. Artificial intelligence as a service is improving the way how SEO is done. We too have to adapt ourselves to the new trends and techniques in the machine learning and artificial intelligence. So, be future ready and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the technology to get the best results out of SEO.