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Akansha Verma

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Managing Our Travels Well Through PNR Status


We all can agree that we have entered a phase of the digital revolution. We spend more time online then we do in the real world, however, that comes with its own perks. You don’t have to go anywhere, be it railway booking, flight tickets, hotel reservations and more, you are just a few clicks away. The long ques in the government offices are history, everyone has an access to a computer and can easily reach out to the relevant platforms to gain information.

Managing Our Travels Well Through PNR Status

However, there are still instances where you just want to strangle your computer and curse the institution. A very common example for the same is the good old loopholes in the Indian Railway station. But no worries you have the greatest weapon to counter every adversity railway throw at you- The PNR number.

PNR Number-

Your PNR number is printed on the top of your railway ticket. This number gives you the access to check if your ticket is still in waiting or has been confirmed. If not, then the same could be used to avail a refund.

Benefits of a PNR Number-

We all know there are more reliable modes of transportation out there. One where you don’t have to take a lot of pain and rely on a carefree mode but honestly none of them can beat the rustic vibe of a train. Flights are expensive, people who are not ready to spend a dime on experiences are always attracted towards the economical railway. Just the reservation problem won’t stop them to board a train. Here are some direct benefits of a PNR number-

In a matter of minutes, you know the status of your ticket, wheatear it's still stuck in waiting or its a RAC

If your ticket is confirmed one can go on with his daily chores without any hassle for commuting

Generally, people are going for a backup plan when it comes to the railway. The moment your booking is confirmed you can chuck all your backups and focus on finding your seat

How to check your PNR status

There are many ways you can check your PNR status. One way is to create an SMS mentioning your PNR number and send it to a particular number posted on the active railway’s website. You will receive a message from the same number with the status of your ticket.

Another way is through your computer screens. Directly go on the Indian Railways official website and find “Booking History” and hit on it. You will be landed onto a different page where you need to type in your PNR number and click enter. Your status will appear with all the relevant details.

The last method to check the PNR status is the old-fashion railway inquiry booth. However, the majority of Indian population especially the rural front relies on this method. You need to struggle in a queue for a while to actually reach the booth and get some information. However, its still advised to at least use the simple message as you don’t want to waste your time in ques correcting your PNR number to the inquiry officer.

Once you get the hang of the PNR number, you will know how simple things have become. So take the full advantage of the obvious and travel safely.