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Manual Coffee Grinders for Coffee Lovers


Who does not love to have a fresh warm cup of the best tasting coffee every morning before they start the day!?

Making your coffee by your own self is so much more better and comfortable than running over to Starbucks every morning.

Yes, you can make the most amazing cup of coffee at home, by yourself. To fill your morning coffee cravings, you need a manual coffee grinder.

There are many manual coffee grinders by many different electronic brands that you can get; but to make strong, warm and the best tasting coffee, you need a manual coffee grinder.

Manual Coffee Grinders for Coffee Lovers


A manual coffee grinder has a sharp and thin blade that crushes the coffee beans into a particular size. To grind the coffee beans, you just have to drop the coffee beans into the jar. Hold the central shaft and start turning the ring clock wise. For finer grinding of the coffee beans, move the ring counter clock wise too. After you have the perfect size of the coffee grinded beans, take those out and make your coffee as you would. And then, you will have the most tasteful cup of toasty homemade coffee.

Now, to help you finding the best manual coffee grinder, here are the top 2 manual coffee grinders that you can buy. All these manual coffee grinders have positive reviews from each of its costumers. They are a perfect fit for your kitchen and will serve you the best coffee every morning.

1. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

This is the perfect manual coffee grinder even for a teeny kitchen. It looks good and has amazing features to offer. It has a easy to turn handle; so you don’t have to apply to much of your energy to grind your coffee beans. It is compact, 8 inches tall and is glass and wood made. You can make any style of coffee using this HandGround Precision Coffee Grinder; like espresso, french press, drip, butter coffee or any other. Also, there is a total of 15 grinding designs. To set the coffee style, you just have to turn and set the numbered ring and voila! It is affordable and will serve the best tasting coffee every day.

2. The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Here is your travel coffee grinder companion. The JavaPresse coffee grinder is very compact and small in size, but serves the best-grounded coffee. It has built in and ajustable 18 grinding settings for you to choose what coffee mood you are in. Also, apart from the fact that it serves the best coffee, the JavaPresse coffee grinder includes no batteries, power or any source of power to run. Which also means that this manual coffee grinder produces 90% less noise if compared to any electric coffee grinder. It is very affordable and you will surely have the best cup of warm coffee any where, any time.