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Harshal Shah

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Migrate From Drupal To WordPress An Easy Step By Step Guide


Migrate From Drupal To WordPress  An Easy Step By Step Guide

Drupal and Wordpress are both great platforms that allow you to host your site in the most appropriate manner. Drupal is one of the best Content Management Platform available in the market and is easy to use while Wordpress provides an easy and professional platform to host the website easily and quickly with the help of the rich set of features, plugins, and widgets provided by the Wordpress Development Company

Planning to migrate from Drupal to Wordpress but not knowing how to do it? Then, don’t worry, we will help you do that by our easy step by step guide. Follow the steps and you will have your new site on Custom Wordpress Development. Have a look at those steps.

Step 1: Select the Best Web Hosting for Your Site

We are assuming that you are on the installation platform and not on the site installation. This process will work on both the platforms but the steps that you will take will be different due to the plugin permissions and dashboard differences. We will assume you are already having the hosting provider as you want to migrate to the Drupal installation.

Make sure that the host is supporting the Wordpress installations before the process begins. Most of the hosting providers will be supporting it so there is no need to worry in this case. The main hurdle is there when you are on managed hosting service of Drupal but those are in lesser number than the managed hosts of Wordpress like the WPEngine and the Flywheel.

If you are searching for a new web host then you can easily get one as there are numerous web hosting service providers available in the market that can do it for you.

Step 2: Plugin installation

Once you have completed the hosting part, now it is time to migrate from Drupal to Wordpress. The simplest way for migrating from Drupal to Wordpress is by using a plugin. Numerous services are there for solving this purpose but the FG Drupal to Wordpress plugin is very nice and easy. The un-paid version of this plugin provide you everything.

You may need the premium upgrade of the plugin if you run a high scale business having a big amount of customizations of Drupal. When the plugin is installed, you can start importing from the plugin list immediately.

If you are not ready for the immediate import, then you can move to the Tools option and select the Import button to start the process whenever you want. You just have to press the Run Import button at the time of start. This will import a Drupal database into the Wordpress.

You will receive information on the Wordpress database and will also get the option for removing the Wordpress content when you import from Drupal.

The un-paid version of the plugin FG Drupal to Wordpress only imports the pages, images, articles, categories, tags and stories from your previous site to your new site. The premium version of this plugin will be helpful to you if you need to import the users and the custom taxonomies from the old site to the new site. The free version is compatible with the 5,6,7, and 8 versions of Drupal.

Step 3: Receive the Drupal Information for your site

Now, a heading named the Drupal Database Parameters will be seen when you scroll down from here. You might get confused that what it is but you will need it after some time for sure. So, now it is time to fire up the FTP client and navigate yourself to the /public_html/your_drupal_directory_goes_here/sites/default directory of your Drupal installation.

Now, look into the settings.php file and you will see the information needed. You will get all the details about your database parameters like the username, password, port no., host, the name of the database, prefix, namespace and the driver.

Copy-paste these database parameter values into the WP dashboard and press the button called the Test the Database Connection. You will get a Connection Successful message in green color. Include the underscore when you are pasting in the Drupal Table Prefix. It is necessary for the prefix so you must include it otherwise you will get failed connection.

Step 4: Migrate Drupal to WordPress after Customization

Now, it is time to customize and migrate Drupal to Custom Wordpress Development. Scroll down and you will see the Behavior section. Configure everything you want and be sure about it. Once you are done, press the Start/Resume the Import button so that it will start importing from the old site to the new site.

When you are importing the data from Drupal to Wordpress, it may take some time so sit back and relax until the process gets completed. The more the size of your Drupal installation, the more time will it take to complete the process.

Once the process gets completed, you will get a complete log of what exactly happened during the process of migration. You will see the red, scary warnings that are premium version up-sells so don’t get scared of seeing them. These are just marketing tactics to convince you to buy the premium version.

Step 5 : Change the Internal Links

It is an optional step but you should do it. For making sure that everything is working in order, you have to click the button called the Modify Internal Links button.

This button automatically fixes any problem that comes in between. The modification of the internal links won’t take much time and the links will get fixed easily and quickly and you will get a page telling you that.

Step 6: Design WordPress Beautifully

Once the migration part is completed, it is time to install the theme and customize the site perfectly so that it can be ready for usage in the best manner. The migration process when completed, you have to now adjust the styles of the site. The Drupal site will have totally different styles and so will have your Wordpress site.

The customization has to be made once again and the Wordpress site should get ready to look professional and attractive. The hard part of migrating the data and other resources from the old site to the new site has been completed now and the fun part of designing the site is remaining, so enjoy it! You can now add the plugins and the widgets of the Custom Wordpress Development to the site and make it perfect for the users to use it comfortably and smoothly.

You have done it yourself saving a high amount of your money and also boosted the confidence to do such migration tasks on your own in the future. Enjoy delivering your services to the users with the platform made by the Wordpress Development Company.

Author Bio :

Harshal Shah has an countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: WordPress Development Company that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is an huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on mostly topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practises about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques.