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Monomousumi’s essay competition: an opportunity for the young writers


Monomousumi’s essay competition: an opportunity for the young writers

Writing is a ntural art, which one can not learn in school, although one cak hone the writing skill. The art of writing comes for the inner of our heart. Words are most of the time carry the emotion you carry with you. So, evolving writier needs emotion as well as knowledge about the topic. There are various writing platform and career opportunity for a writer including, jouranism, blogging, freelance technical writers and so on. However, for the newcomer, there are not many writing platforms which are ready to accept your work or manuscript. There are handful of platform where you can really share your ieas with your full profile and read by many viewres.

Its important to test your writing skills

Its always a wise decision to test yourself through any writing competition and prove yourself that where you stand. Aiming to hone the writing skills of budding writers, organizes many creative writing competitions. In this series, international essay competition is one such cotenst where there is an ample opportunity to show the writing ability. After successfully competing this monthy Essay Competition, the team is enthusiastic to go further way to attract talents from across the world. According to the team monomousumi, they found very good response from various school, colleges and institutes across the country. The list of participating institutes includes St. Xaviers College, WBUT, DPS, Ahlcon Public School, Lukhnow public school, SRM University, RabindraBharati University, Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Heritage Institute of Technology, RIASE and many more. The International Essay Competition aspires to inspire the society to learn from the young student, bloggers as these young minds have the ability to imagine out ofthe box.

The reward and accolads

The competition is sponsored by various corporate house and supported by various local NGOs. This Essay Competition and creative writing competition campaign is supposed to be an activity to provide skill development for those who wish to pursue their career in the field of writing industry such as journalism, content writing, blogging, etc. The winners of the contest get accolades in the form of prizes, medal and certificate.

The winner of the previous maonth, Dibyo Roy, a final year engineering student quoted that this opportunity was excellent for the career perspective. I got the merit certificate which would be helpful for my job interviews, because it will act as a superb extra curricular activity.

Registration Process

The registration for this monomousum’s essay contest is free, so there must not be any finance involved and poor and backward class students can also participte. It is a social activity aiming for the skill development for the writers, who wish to convey their ideas in the from of words. The Jury consists from the league of highly educated and well settled professionals and therefore the judgement is solely un-biased with respect to any criteria. The jury members are different filed including science, public servent, economists, which make the judgement purely basis of merit.

The entries can be submitted online in two languages- English or Bengali. For those students or writers, who do not have laptop or coputer, they can just send hand written essays. Te result is announced through the website in the first week of every month while the dedline for the submission is 25th of evary month. There is a new topic every month and the organizer is getting more aned more entries every month.

Monomousumi is spreading its arms to open up new spheres and opportunity for the new creative minds with full of ideas. Operating along also will resolve present social group issues and this can bring the new opportunities for the rural communities to present their opinions through this platform.

Its an opportunity open to all, whoever wish to try their hand in cerative writing. Just participate and show your caliber and get a chance of winning prizes.