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Hina Khan

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Moral Character, Humanity and Ability make a good husband or Rishta


Every couple needs to consider some of the parameters for each other upon which they are measured before accepting a proposal. It can save one from the troubles of misunderstanding in future. Three of the main characteristics of moral character, humanity and potential to grow should be the criteria for a man to be chosen upon. And for women there must be some gender sensitive standards. In this article the standards which need to be considered are discussed for man. No matrimony online has such advice for you. Girls must judge their husband to be before saying I DO.


Humanity and moral character are interrelated. If a person possesses high moral values then he is high on the humanitarian grounds. Humanity is the second name of sympathy and empathy. If your husband cannot empathize with your situation then the relationship will shed its charm with the passage of time. It will be a bristle one at the end that will be just on the hit of something serious and the damage is inevitable. The sweetness of love does not stay 24/7 in a marital relationship. The other feelings like, sympathy, positive behavior, companionship are the compensating add up in the relationship to keep the relationship in the flow and to save it from damage.

Moral Character

Morals differentiate between humans and animals. Human with no morality and high moral character is no different than an animal who just eats, sleeps and can do anything unexpected which is harmful for the partner. Life partner means the person who has given up his/her personal life for you and has committed to live with you forever. Living with a person who has low moral aptitude is hard unlike living with the person who evaluates every thick and thin of life under the moral terms.

Ability to grow in his professional life.

Lazy and ambition less men must be rejected on the marital proposal. Such a man will suck the progress and growth out of life. The person who is all good with the routine and has no ambition and wishes to change life to convert it from adversary to easiness, is no good at all to get married with. Neither he will work to grow nor will let you do anything positive to change life. Putting life from the wrong patterns to the revolutionary road of success demands a lot of hard work and the person who is not a hard worker will not have dreams.

Money is not in the criteria to select a person. Though it is one of the main ingredient in the life that make life easy and happy, yet potential to grow, hardworking nature , and a person with big dreams are the foremost criteria to ponder before taking any decision or if you have a choice in choosing between the two: one is rich with the efforts of forefathers and on the other , a person who is rich at his own terms, then always prefer the later.