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Vanisha Anand

CONTENT WRITER | Posted on |

Myths about vaccine of Covid-19


Corona virus has been taking over the world. The fear and terror inside the hearts of many is because of this deadly virus. But the world seems to be very energetic and has given great collision to this virus. The experts and the scientists have finally found the cure after such a struggle. The vaccine of the corona virus is finally in progress and is helpful for future safety. There have been some rumours which are found to be the myths of the vaccine of COVID-19.

To be more specific about the myths and to actually know what is the reality and facts behind the vaccine, keep scrolling.

The following are some of the myths which are taken over by many people all around the world.


The production of the vaccine was very quick so it is not safe for people.

The above mentioned is totally false and has been declared by the experts that the research and examination of the vaccine was done with full safety. Though the development of the vaccine was too quick, the scientists have gone through all the exams and have found the cure. The doctors have also concluded that the vaccine which is made for COVID-19 was made very quickly because the virus they detected was similar to the virus they have seen in corona virus in early times.


The effects of the vaccine can be long term.

The doctors have clearly reported that if there is any sort of infection or allergies as the side effects of the vaccine, it will be cured within hours or days. So if these are cured within this short period of time, they are very sure about the vaccine that it will not affect anyone in the long term.


The vaccine can lead to COVID-19.

The creator of the vaccine has clearly stated that there will be no sight of COVID-19 inside the body. The virus used in making the vaccine is a dead virus so it can not affect the immune system. They have also said that the vaccine is injected and it makes a protein in the cells which helps the immune system to fight the infection in future. The body of the person who has the vaccination done might have some other side effects which can include mild fever, headaches or chills but these are cured within a few days.

Myths about vaccine of Covid-19


Once had Covid-19, no need of getting vaccinated.

This is so not true. The person who has been suffering or already had covid-19 should get vaccination. Experts claim that it is sometimes very difficult to know whether someone had covid-19 or not. Additionally, getting vaccinated will provide more protection to the immune system of the body. Doctors have said that getting jabbed will prevent the infection from spreading in the body.


People with crucial diseases or conditions should not take vaccines.

People who are suffering from conditions like diabetes, heart disease etc are more prone to get Covid-19. This is the main reason why people having these conditions should get vaccinated first. Doctor's recommendation and managing proper condition is a must.



It is very necessary for the people to understand the need of getting vaccinated. It is also of utmost importance to educate more and more people about the vaccine and how it can save the lives of many in the present and in future also. Getting jabbed is like getting life insurance but for a particular virus or disease. More and more people should know about vaccines and should avoid these kinds of myths which are going around.