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vishal tiwari

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Nerd is the new Cool


Keep in mind when kids used to get thumped for having thick glasses, enjoying school, and being fixated on their PCs? All things considered, those are presently the children that everybody needs to resemble. Consider it. The Big Bang Theory is a standout amongst the most well known shows on TV these days, and its characters are currently society saints. Napoleon Dynamite still has an uncanny clique trailing just about 10 years out of theaters. SciFi indicates like Lost have turned into the most famous sort of show arrangement. Thick geeky glasses are absolutely in style. Check Zuckerberg simply won Person of the Year. Trendy people are intentionally looking for the geekiest shirts they can discover (Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on). Notwithstanding Something like 99% of the general population we realize simply love to state "I'm such a geek" at whatever point they're discussing their unusual information and fixation on a specific theme. As anticipated, the geeks have surely assumed control over the world, and they have constrained us to join their positions. At Brainscape, we grasp this geek is the new cool period!

So why has everybody made the change to geek dom? Would it be able to be that we were all geeks from the beginning, and we simply required some verification that it was socially satisfactory before exposing the unadulterated truth? As per the acclaimed nerd doofus or-dweeb Venn Diagram, "Geek" is at the convergence of Social Ineptitude, Obsession, and Intelligence. Perhaps simply conceding "I'm a geek" gets us free for our social uncouthness, which makes us feel more calm around other individuals.

Whatever it is, I'm happy to see that geeks are the new demigods, and I trust this pattern proceeds. It's useful for the world.