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Overcoming Barriers to Starting Your Own Business


Do you feel inspired to become an entrepreneur and build up a business from scratch? It takes someone with insight, knowledge, and the skills to succeed to run a successful business, and if you have those qualities all you need is the right idea,and you can get started on your project. The question is, if you have all the necessary attributes of an entrepreneur, why aren’t you one already? What’s holding you back from your dreams?

The fact is, everyone faces difficulties in their lives that affect their ability to take on ambitious challenges like starting your own business, and your reason for delaying is no doubt based on the circumstances you find yourself in. If so, take heart; you can help yourself overcome the barriers that are restricting your progress and take back control of your future.


Money constraints are a frequent cause of potential entrepreneurs being held back from pursuing their ideas. Your particular situation may involve serious current financial difficulties, or worries about future financial security. Maybe you’ve been made bankrupt and have restrictions in place on what you can do. There are many possible scenarios in which money is the chief barrier, but whatever the origin of your problem, you can handle it.

1.    Get your finances in order. Start at the beginning in untangling any financial difficulties you have, and get yourself back into the clear. There are thousands of helpful guides available online to give you the tools you need to manage your income, reduce your expenditure, and stabilize your finances.

2.    Get help with serious money problems before they get any worse. Get some professional assistance from a financial advice service or debt charity to untangle severe debt issues. It may take a while to sort them out, but the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be ready for business.

3.    Manage your money and rebuild your credit rating by looking at credit cards and bank accounts designed for people in your situation, for example, have a look at the BBVA Compass review on Actively taking steps to improve your credit score is going to get you back on the road to your goals far more quickly than just waiting for it to happen naturally.

If you’ve got restrictions you can’t resolve such as bankruptcy or a criminal record, you may have to bide your time; but while you wait for sufficient time to pass to render your conviction spent, you can be preparing for the future, so you are ready to go the minute you’re free from your problem. You can get further qualifications, gainvaluable experience in your field, and gather plenty of knowledge and industry insight that will serve you well when you are able to go ahead with your business idea.


Another major barrier is time, and people often say they wish they had more time to do whatever they know they should be doing but aren’t. It could be taking more exercise, or meditating; or it could be writing a novel or starting a business. Only you can manage your time and get more out of it. Everyone on earth has precisely the same number of hours and days each week; it’s up to you to use them in the most rewarding way possible.
If you’re determined to set up a business, you might have to make sacrifices and drop other activities. Or you may just need some help from your family with the chores to free up some time. Making good use of the time you have is a vital skill, so don’t let time hold you back; find ways to break through the time barrier and make space for the important activities in your life.


If you don’t feel well enough to manage a business, then not only is success going to be unlikely, but you aren’t going to enjoy it and you could end up even sicker. Your health and wellbeing should be a priority, so if you’re unwell, get to your doctor and find out what’s wrong. It could simply be that you need to lead a healthier lifestyle, and if it helps you get where you want to be, that can be a powerful motivator. If you have chronic health problems then you can still succeed as an entrepreneur, but do keep on top of your self-care routine and don’t be too hard on yourself.
There’s no barrier that’s completely impassable; some may take more effort than others, but all can be overcome with the right approach, so don’t give up on your dreams.