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Goa serves for the Indians and for foreigners as the best party destination at any time of the year. This land of palm trees, cool sun, and sandy beaches is a perfect getaway from the hectic schedules of life and submerge oneself in a mood of frolic and ecstasy. In fact, these party beaches act as the best nightlife in Goa for singles. For a long time, Goa has been harboring as the most energizing nightlife destination for people of all age group especially the younger generation. So, if you are searching through the perfect rave parties in Goa happens in which places, here is a list of some of the party beaches of Goa that will give first give you a taste of the restless life and then make you plunge into the party fun:


Not many people like noisy parties but there are some who enjoy quiet places with good music and food. Many travel blogs in India suggest Ashvem as the perfect Goa beach party at night for such people. The beachside abounds with shacks and chic bears that are kept open throughout the night. This beach is popular mostly among foreigners and the crowd gathers mainly during the tourist season of Goa. This beach has the Marbella Beach Resort Lounge that acts as a good place for chilling out and gives the perfect taste of Goa nightlife.


This beach of North Goa has many locals along with foreigners enjoying their night outs and is the perfect nightlife in Goa for singles. Like most beaches of Goa, this beachside too is bristled with bars and cafes providing all with their choice of delicious food. There is a night market set up on Saturdays where local goods are made available. The perfect place to have dinner or a party in the Arambol beach are the Pajis, Mango Tree, Arkan Bar and Restaurant and the Psy Bar and Nightclub. These places are quite famous and will make your experience the perfect Goa nightlife.


One of the most popular beaches for Goa nightlife, Anjuna beach is considered the perfect party hangout for locals and tourists in Goa making it a must and happening place for nightlife in Goa for singles. The beach is aligned with trendy bars and is the destination for Hippie culture and a number one flea market. This beach is the most famous among foreigners and is well famed and suggested by travel blogs in India for backpackers, cheap stays, and guesthouses.

The most notable clubs situated in the Anjuna Beach are the Nyex Beach Club and the Curlies and Shiva Valley. The Nyex Beach Club is spread over a sprawling area with VIP lounges, indoor clubs, outdoor lounge decks and a cliffside location that provides a mesmerizing 180-degree view of the ocean. The main elements of the attraction of this club are special events, music festivals and some hype sundowner parties making it a perfect nightlife in Goa for singles.

The other club named Curlies and Shiva Valley also provides legendary beach shacks and is renowned for its Tuesday trance parties making Goa nightlife quite a happening thing.


This beach is famous for the dynamic cliffs and its secluded nature. The beach here is the idyllic getaway for beach lovers and married couples because of the perfect sunset that one gets to experience here. The seaside is bustled with many shacks and food stalls that offer exotic food and drinks.

If you are searching for a Goa psychedelic trance party, head to the Hill Top club which acts as the perfect Goa beach party at night. This open-air venue has been popular since its Hippie heydays and its neon palm trees and groovy art installations make it the perfect place for having a fun party and also a great nightlife in Goa for singles.

The other restaurant situated on the Vagator beach side is the Thalassa. This restaurant provides a Greek fine dining restaurant that has parties happening every night with live dance performances and grooving music of the DJs, quite a perfect place for a birthday celebration at Goa beach. The place also offers a breathtaking sunset view from its open-air cliff setup.


Morjim Baech recently has come out of its shell of being a low key beach and emerged as a very happening beachside for parties and Goa nightlife. The Olive Ridley turtles found here is one of the main attractions of the beach. The nightlife here is not that popular but it still offers good party experience for people who like low key parties with less noise and a closed knit gathering of friends. There are many shacks open here that will help you to enjoy the nightlife completely thereby providing you a good option to organize a birthday celebration at Goa beach.


This beachside, according to travel blogs of India, has innumerable party hopping places and is very famous among party lovers. At night, one can experience beach shacks playing good music with a good supply of tasty food and drinks. This beach is well known for its commercial nightlife that one gets to experience in the Tito’s Lane.

The Cavala on the Baga beachside is famous for its heritage house with a rambling garden and a courtyard bar. It attracts people of all age groups and holds some retro nights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The Cape Town Café on Tito’s Lane is a hype place to hang out with a predominance of Indian crowds. The place offers good food and fun until midnight. It’s a great place for football fans as they get to see matches on a gigantic LCD screen. Entry fees are charged on weekends and single guys are not permitted entry here.


Calangute, like most other beaches of Goa, serves as an equally great place for Goa nightlife and experience. This place is a must for every party lover who comes to Goa even for the first time as it showcases the perfect nightlife in Goa for singles.

The Souza Lobos offers delicious foods with great drinks to get completely engulfed in the sound of the waves. The place also provides live music and also offers a diverse multi-specialty menu marked especially with Goan delicacies.

The Club Cabana is one of the most famous hilltop located clubs here that is famous by the name ‘Nightclub in the Sky’. This commercial club is dominated by a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi in its center. The venue can accommodate innumerable party visitors and the party goes on until dawn making it the must-have a nightlife in Goa for singles. One needs to pay around Rs 2000 as entry fees for couples and 1500 for single guys. There is a Ladies Night on Wednesdays that serves free drinks and also hosts the Model’s Night on Saturdays.


Though this beach is a bit secluded from the rest, yet it witnesses the most crowded parties at night making it an exhilarating experience for Goa nightlife. The beach is always teeming with people and activity at night because of its many clubs situated on its beachside.

The LPK Waterfront is referred to as the ‘India’s First Super Club’ that is set on the banks of the Nerul river. The venue is made of mud and stone mostly and has a cavernous dance floor. The club has a very strict entry policy so that it can maintain the visit of decent crowds only. The entry fees range from 1500to 3000 for couples with the inclusion of drinks. The party gets on after midnight and single guys are not permitted entry here.


This beach is also popular with its Goa nightlife that has a picturesque swimming and water sports activities during the day time.

SinQ is the one stop party destination here making it a great nightlife in Goa for singles that has 20 suites, beach club with spacious indoor and outdoor areas for parties at any time of the day. The crowd is mostly Indian and the resort suites have sound systems that have live feeds from DJ consoles.


This beach is characterized by picturesque hills, coconut trees, and the gorgeous wild sea. This beach is a great place for partying and buzzes with Goa’s nightlife. There are many shacks along the beach side to make you have a taste of their delectable food and drinks. Some nightclubs of this place are open 24*7 and will definitely make your party experience a worthy one.

The Leopard Valley of this beach is the huge outdoor venue that can accommodate up to 3000 people. This Goa nightclub is located in the jungle quarry between Palolem and Agoda beaches. It’s the futuristic place with the perfect party elements like lasers, pyrotechnics, and skimpy clothed dancers. There are day time pool parties too in this place and is a major club of South Goa.

Get a taste of the Goa nightlife by making this place as your next holiday destination. Along with tourist rave party in Goa in which places to visit in the day time, your nightlife will also get enhanced by attending Goa beach parties at night.