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people counting camera price


People counting cameras are the best tool to get accurate data of the traffic in your store or shopping mall and the data helps you to study customer behavior.

The innovation is not so old and right now different technologies are being used in people counting camera devices and the purpose of using latest technology is to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the innovation. Many companies are manufacturing and working on the improvement of the people counting camera devices. V Count is one of the top manufacturers of people counters and with partners with V Count, Xcentric Services is proving the best people counting solutions in Pakistan. If you want to get your hands on this and if you want to improve your retail business you are welcome to visit Xcentric Services website store to check the people counting camera price. You can also compare different people counters according to the prices and specifications.

The important thing in this technology the data that is generated by the devices. The counting data is then used to study the customer behavior and to match our sales with the traffic. This gives you the idea of potential customers visiting your store or mall on daily, weekly or monthly reports. The data is collected in two major forms, in raw form and second the system generated reports and analytics. It is up to the owner how he wants to get the data. The people counters are now smart enough to detect real time visitors in the store, tracking customer journey and customer interest like in which department customer engagement was more. The recorded video from the camera and the counting data from the sensors are saved in the cloud storage. You can check it via internet or just like ordinary cameras you can set up it with the monitors and computer. The purpose of providing you the cloud base storage is that you can use it anywhere where you have internet and your phone. Cloud storage is more secure than the hard disks we use to save our data. So after the types of data questions are raised usually that how the raw data and the systematic data can be gathered. To collect raw data you can go through these options of the analytic manager manual export, exporting via API, exporting via FTP and Automate E-Mail scheduling. This process is little bit technical but for easy use the users can get systematic reports generated from the device as already mentioned above.

After the collection of the data a question is raised that what type of data from the people counting devices help the retailers more. First of all you get the whole data of people count throughout the open time of the store. It will also indicate the most crowded times of the day month or week. Then you will come to know the areas or the departments of your store that have more customer engagement and the departments have least engagement. Check the analytics and analyze the collected data at your own behalf as well for better understanding. With the help of this data you can easily manage and know many things about your business and your customers.

Analyzing the collected data properly can help you in more than one way. You can reduce cost of the labor in free or less crowded hours. Moreover, it helps you to improve your product line to engage more potential customers. Visit Xcentric Services website to get the people counting camera and the people counting camera price.

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