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Do you know what šokol is? Ever been out on the town with the road lights off? Need to spruce up in an outfit regardless of whether it's mid year? Inquisitive to see a jackass race? Presently is your opportunity! Normally, customary merriments in Zadar district are about tomfoolery, as well as they assuredly are seasons of delight, extraordinary sustenance and fun that never stops.

An essence of Dalmatia at Šokolijada

Need to realize what happens when pork meat meets acclaimed salt from Nin, some red wine and flavors as well, and winds up being smoked and disclosed with bora wind? Enchantment is what occurs. Furthermore, that enchantment is called šokol. How precisely is it made? You'll never know, since it's a mystery passed on starting with one age then onto the next. Despite the fact that you can experience it throughout the entire year, it has its very own unique occasion mid July consistently in Nin. What Šokolijada celebrates is obvious from the name, however the occasion additionally shows various other sustenance and eco items from whole Croatia.

Fish for no particular reason at Kali Fishermen's Nights

Like fish or not, get a look at an angler's life amid a celebration in Kali. It's a town on the island of Ugljan, only a short ship ride far from Zadar, that has been commending its convention of looking for 50 years. Anticipate delectable sustenance, diversions, paddling rivalry, the popular watercraft march in Zadar channel and extraordinary fun! In 2018, the occasion happens on July 27-28 and incorporates an exceptional additional, a visual establishment 'Second Moon'.


Go for a moonwalk at the Night of the Full Moon

Cry at the moon in Zadar from July 26-28! Occurring on the Zadar waterfront, the occasion gives you a fantastic understanding into convention, history, traditions, music and cooking of Zadar area, hinterland, drift and the islands all together. As the road lights are killed and the main light originates from the moon, lights and candles, it's an ideal opportunity to hit the promenade and participate in the fun occasions.

Spruce up for Pag Island Carnival

Jamboree in the late spring? That is correct! Who says you can locate an extraordinary gathering just on Zrće shoreline, when on Pag island? End of July, put on an outfit, participate in the fair procession, attempt to learn tanac (Pag's customary circle move) and gathering the night away!


Jump to Dugi Otok island for Saljske užance

Three cheers for the three-day devour in Sali! Continuously held the most recent end of the prior week August 15, Saljske užance continue acquiring unending delight the most recent fifty years. Use the very first moment to taste the remarkable kind of Dalmatian fish, participate for no particular reason diversions and gathering on day two, anticipate that yourself should snicker your heart out on the last day as you watch the jackasses race.

Each town has its own special devour

What's more, not just in the verses of a renowned Dalmatian tune! Along these lines, take a pick and have a ton of fun in Zadar area! From Zadar to Nin and the islands, summer feasts don't just give you an understanding into convention, culture and food, yet rather welcome you to real fun!

Bounce on Dugi Otok, jump on Ugljan, or other fun island! Pondering about how to approach local people while in Zadar area? A real intrigue may very well get you far, so here are a couple of tips for in the event that something goes wrong!