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Pros and Challenges of Studying in Norway


There are a few countries that are successful when it comes to higher education however, no country is perfect in it. Though study abroad is fascinating for everyone there are some imperfections that don’t fulfill the needs of the students. So we can say that there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect the country looks to live in. however, before you choose a country to move you must do IELTS exam preparation for it.

Norway is one of the great destinations for those who want to study abroad. It provides high-quality education by offering an extraordinary lifestyle. On the contrary, you cannot say it is a perfect country to live in, because just like other countries it also has some issues that the student may face. However, in this blog, you will find some pros and challenges that a student may face while studying in Norway.


1. Free of cost study in public institutions

The great administrative system makes Norway developed and great nation. They understand and value the importance of education and try to do everything for its betterment. For this purpose Norway allows its domestic as well as international students to get education free of cost. All public universities in Norway offer free or charge less fee for almost all courses. Students pay around 80 Euro in every semester as an administration fee only.

2. Beautiful and relaxing environment

Norway is one of the most beautiful and popular for its high standards of living. The breathtaking view in Norway attracts tourists to come and enjoy the weather. It has exquisite islands, giant and lush green mountains, beaches, and spectacular fjords. Education and responsible administration of Norway have made it one of the most peaceful countries around the world. If you go there you will find perfect law and order with a number of job opportunities.

3. European Citizenship

Being a part of EEA (European Economic Area), they allow Norwegian to visit almost all European countries as a tourist, or for business purpose. However, once you become a Norwegian citizen you will likely to become the European citizen. Not only Norway citizen, but international students can also avail this opportunity.


1. High living Cost

Though the education in Norway is free the living standards of Norway is really high. According to the research, the living cost in Norway is around 337% higher than Pakistan. The rent of small compartments is almost 680% higher than here in Pakistan. However, by doing part-time jobs, international students can easily fulfill their living expenses as they don’t need to pay their tuition fees.

2. Few Ranked Norwegian universities

As Norway is a small country it has around 40 public universities. According to Times high education, only five universities stand at top-ranked universities. In QS ranking, University of Oslo ranked on 142nd position. But it is really hard to get admission in its English teaching programs.

These are few pros and challenges you might face if you are planning to study in Norway. And if you want to go to other places like study in China or any other country we are just a click away!