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Sophia Williams

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Quick Business Loans


Quick Business Loans

In the USA region there are thousands of small and medium sized businesses, and many of these business require business loans. We provide quick business loans is a user friendly and hassle free manner. Banks are not so keen to provide small businesses with business loans, one of the primary reason for this is small businesses are considered to be a ‘high risk investment’ for banks. As a result of this banks reject over 90% of all small business loan applications.

Funding Easily is one of the more popular private funding companies in the market at the moment. We provide fast business loans to numerous small businesses, and our criteria is simple and reasonable, as mentioned below.

1. The business needs to be at least 12 months old and a running business.

2. The owner of the business should not be in any form of personal bankruptcy at the time of the application.

3. The gross income of the business should not be less than $10 thousand a month.

These are simple criteria that enables most small businesses to successfully apply and get approved for the funding. The criteria of banks is stringent and complicated, and they will require comparatively a mountain of paper work. Also, the chances of approval finally from the bank are slim at best.

We do not require high credit scores, as this is not a part of our qualification criteria. As a result we work with businesses whose credit scores are below average, and in the low to mid 500s also. This is why we say you can get a quick business funding with poor credit scores as well. Banks do require an above average credit score, and would prefer it if the business credit scores are in the range of 700s or in excess of that amount.

The processing time frames associated with our funding is also very quick by any standards, and small business owners can have the funds they applied for in their business account within 48 to 72 hours. At the most we take about a week to ten days or so to provide the funding. Banks on the other hand are in no rush to provide the funding and at the very least will take a couple of months or over that amount.

The other benefits associated with our funding is also the fact that our loans are uncollateralized. This means that we are able to provide small businesses with the funding they require without and personal guarantees or collateral. Banks simply do not provide small businesses with uncollateralized loans.

You can gather more information related to the fast business funding by contacting us. Our customer service team will provide you with all the information you require.