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Siddiqui Ali

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Reasons For FUE Hair Transplant Being One Of The Best Hair Loss Treatments


There are many hair transplant methods but FUE hair transplant is the famous, efficient and liked amongst all the rest. It is considered to the best method for curing baldness forever. There are many surgeons who are performing this technique. FUE hair transplant price Karachi is different than from other places. Here are some of the reasons listed on why it’s the best technique.

Strip Harvest Hair Transplantation: 

This technique is performed by using the strip harvest method. The surgeon would shave the back of patients scalp. After that the surgeon would remove hair follicles one by one from that part. After that the surgeon will create holes or slits with a needle or scalpel and then properly places each graft in one of the holes. A hair strip which consists of approximately four to five strands of hair, would be inserted to the area where there is no or less hair. The area would heal with small dots, which the existing hair covers.

The time depends on the size of transplant that the patient is getting; it usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. Another procedure would also be needed if the patient continues to lose hair or the patient wants thicker hair.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant:

  • The patient doesn’t have to suffer from swelling or any type of inflammation after the treatment is done.
  • There are no permanent, visible scars formed during the procedure.
  • The process does not involve any kind of stitches.
  • The area of scalp looks like that there have been no hair taken out from the donor area.
  • Through this method, with very single grafting it’s possible to get more hair.
  • Only local anesthesia is given under this treatment.
  • It’s a short procedure and there is need for the patient to remain admit. The patient can go home on the very same day after the treatment has been done.
  • It ensures that the patient would receive natural line of the hair.
  • There are no deep wounds causes as a result of this treatment.
  • The recovery time is really quick, after a few days the patient can see their gorgeous hair coming.
  • It is completely safe and natural. There are no special chemicals or medicines used in the procedure. Amongst all the hair growing methods FUE hair transplant surgery is the most natural one. The majority of people won’t be able to get that a person has gotten a hair transplant due to 100% results.
  • Patients get hair that is very manageable. The hairs that are transplanted work just like natural hair, which means there is no need for application of special shampoos and conditioners. 

With so many advantages of this hair transplant method, people prefer undergoing this procedure as there are minimal amount of side effects involved it. Results would be guaranteed when it is being performed by a certified surgeon, under a reputable clinic with proper tools and procedures.