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Harris Scott

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Reasons for Including Instagram in the Marketing Strategy


Not a single person can spend an entire day without posting a favorite selfie on Instagram. Social media is currently an important and integral part, and it has been helping businesses to grow and flourish within a short time. The social media platforms offer unique opportunities and are known to operate as communication channels, which can connect numerous people either than e-mails from various nooks and corners of the world. Instagram is currently one of the best social media platforms, which is helping both big and small businesses to grow.

Given below is a list of the reasons why you should be including Instagram within the marketing strategy that you are already planning.

Skyrocketing growth

Instagram currently has millions of users and all of them are viewing one business or the other constantly. This growth is responsible for helping the businesses and also the tech websites grow as well because the more the number of users, the more will be the target audience that a brand can get. If you can easily target a particular demographic, it will be extremely easy for you to gain followers easily, and within a short period of time. Instagram is currently observing an increasing number of users on a daily basis, which is going to be great for both big as well as small businesses. You can mention Like4Like in the caption of your posts to gain more likes.

Higher rates of engagement

Instagram is not only observing the ever-increasing growth of its user base but it is also viewing a high level of engagement from the users. This means that the users keep checking this application on a regular basis and interact with the accounts that they like the most with the help of comments as well as likes. Among these accounts lie a number of businesses like Zooqle that are trying to showcase their services and products. If you can also do the same, you will be able to gain a number of followers who will be interested in your business and remain engaged with the posts. Ensure that you are constantly posting appealing and beautiful pictures that are related to your business, and you will see more people coming into your profile.

Visual character

Instagram is completely based on videos and photos and it is a visual platform. Brands can easily achieve stimulating and pleasing results as soon as they upload photos of the products that they are offering. This also results in a high engagement from the followers and is responsible for enhancing the royalty of the brand. Instagram is known to possess a competitive benefit for businesses in comparison to the platforms that are text-based. According to Myenvoyair, 1 billion people are known to use Instagram.

Inspires innovation and creativity

Since Instagram is completely visual, it helps in inspiring both innovations as well as creativity. Depending on how innovative and creative a brand is, more users visit the business profiles. If they do not find a particular brand to be appealing, they will immediately unfollow that particular account.


Marketing your brand on Instagram is probably one of the best decisions that you can take. Consider the reasons that have been mentioned above if you are still confused about including Instagram within the marketing strategy.