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Reasons to opt for scalp micropigmentation Glasgow for excessive hair loss


Reasons to opt for scalp micropigmentation Glasgow for excessive hair loss

If you live in or around the Glasgow area and are suffering excessive hair loss, scalp micropigmentation from HIS Hair Clinic could be the solution you need. We understand just how worried and anxious you are about excess hair loss and work with you to create the sort of shaved hair look that is totally realistic.

Any man or woman worried about excessive hair loss will discover this technique offers a valuable and virtually pain-free answer to their prayers.

Our scalp micropigmentation Glasgow service

Get in touch with us today to book a free initial consultation to talk about your hair loss and identify whether scalp micropigmentation is the best way forward for you. Our expert assessment offers you full detail about the treatment and we'll discuss how it works and how many sessions you will need. When you walk away from your first clinic appointment you'll have far more understanding of scalp micropigmentation and just how it can help you deal with excess hair loss.

On your first treatment visit to the clinic, our experienced technician begins the hair tattoo process using pigments that are a close match to your existing hair and hair texture. If your hairline is receding, we will design a new hairline with you, so your new hairstyle meets your needs exactly.

It takes time to build up the required density of colour with treatments of this nature, however, we're absolutely convinced you'll be delighted with the results of just one session. Further treatment sessions help create the full density of your style and reach the exact colour match to meet our standards.

Why choose scalp micropigmentation from HIS Hair Clinic?

We're the world leaders in scalp micropigmentation. In fact, the technique was invented by HIS Hair Clinic in 2002. This revolutionary treatment helps rebuild confidence that's been lost due to hair fall and means you can lead the lifestyle you want without worrying about your appearance at all.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about hair loss treatments from HIS Hair Clinic in Glasgow. We're happy to offer finance solutions, if required.