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Vinyasa Ashtanga

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Reasons To Practice Vinyasa Yoga For Weight Loss


There was a worldwide lock down because of the Corona virus. Everyone was locked inside their houses. That restricted everyday movements of many people, leading to weight gain. Moreover, the fitness centers all over the world were shut down to stop the spread of the Pandemic.

In such circumstances, getting back on track with your fitness journey could be a tiring job. However, you can practice Vinyasa yoga for weight loss to move your body without risking any injury. The best thing is that you need no equipment to practice Vinyasa yoga except your body. The following reasons can perhaps convince you to make Vinyasa yoga a part of your routine. Keep reading.

Strengthen Limbs

Weight gain results in more pressure on your limbs and joints. Therefore, it becomes crucial to train your joints and limbs, so that, they can accustom to increased weight gain. Practicing Vinyasa yoga makes your body stronger.

Reasons To Practice Vinyasa Yoga For Weight Loss

Top Benefits Of Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Thus, you can perform any workout or physical task for a much longer time. Moreover, Vinyasa yoga for weight loss increases the time under tension of your muscles. Over time, you become much stronger and active.

Increases Muscle Endurance

Muscles need oxygen to better work. The more oxygen they store, the longer will be the duration of your muscles to workout. Practicing Vinyasa yoga poses helps in enhancing the VO2 max of your muscles.

It increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of your muscles. Moreover, your muscles burn energy efficiently without wasting a pint. Therefore, you work more towards your weight loss journey.

Passive Stretching

Stretching muscles helps with their elongation. Further, it helps in the release of stress accumulated in your muscles. Vinyasa yoga is practiced in a continuous flow that does not allow your muscles to rest until the session is complete.

Therefore, your muscles are always contracting and relaxing without coming to a complete halt. Thus, it increases the overall flexibility of your muscles.

Burn Calories

You need to burn calories if you want to lose weight or fat from your body. Practicing Vinyasa yoga is a perfect choice if you want to burn a maximum number of calories. Vinyasa yoga is known for its faster movements.

Moreover, increased muscle endurance helps in increasing the muscle movements. Therefore, you burn more calories over time.

Faster Metabolism

Having a faster metabolism is very crucial to burn more calories and lose weight. Practicing Vinyasa yoga helps in enhancing your metabolic rate. Therefore, the rate of conversion of your food into energy increases.

When your metabolic rate increases, you lose weight since the fat is converted into energy. Thus, your body uses accumulated fat on your body as an energy source.

Improves Respiratory System

The function of breathing in oxygen and utilizing it in the best way plays a crucial part in your weight loss journey. Vinyasa yoga practice increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of your lungs.

Moreover, the intense workout session improves the inner wall of your left lung. Thus, it pumps more oxygen in lesser time without putting much stress on your lungs. In turn, your anaerobic state of exercise improves over time.

End Note

As far as you are concerned with your weight loss journey, you can rest assured on Vinyasa yoga for weight loss. You can also join various yoga teacher training courses to dive into the deep waters of yoga knowledge.

Yoga teacher training courses help you redefine your life by implementing various yogic practices in your routine. Thus, you live a healthy, fit, and wholesome life when you incorporate yoga practice into your life.