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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Visiting Croatia


 Are you looking for a different destination for your next summer vacation? Do you want to get away from the typical beaches and travel a bit further than usual? In this article, we tell you what are the main reasons why shouldn’t miss visiting Croatia, a wonderful country full of treasures.

Why go to Croatia?

On the shores of the Adriatic Sea and with dreamlike landscapes, Croatia is increasingly visited by tourists from all over the world. We are going to give you some reasons so that you also know this wonderful country.

1. Its paradisiacal islands

If you are looking for a place with spectacular beaches, then Croatia is your destination. From the mainland, you can travel by ferry to any of its beautiful islands.

Among them, we highlight Vis, with its hills, fishing villages, vineyards and coves. We must also mention Hvar (destination chosen by the wealthy who arrive by yacht), Brac (among the most famous with its beach Horn of Gold for the peculiar way) and Mijet (it is small and perfect for hiking).

2. For its national parks

Croatia has many areas declared a nature reserve. However, the one that takes almost all eyes, without doubt, is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, with its beautiful 16 freshwater mirrors that can be crossed between bridges, footbridges and trails. Another must-see park is the waterfalls of Krka.

3. Through the old town of Dubrovnik

It is known as “the jewel of the Adriatic” and nobody can deny why. As soon as you cross the access doors of the wall you will be amazed. Alleyways, marble and stone dwellings, red roofs and bars with terraces overlooking the sea, Dubrovnik is “the” destination on the Dalmatian coast, which also includes idyllic beaches.

Did you know that many scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed here? Another reason to meet her.

4. For its gastronomy

Although we can say that the food in Croatia is very similar to the one consumed in any Mediterranean city, the truth is that the dishes here have something special. Olive oil, vinegar and wine are not missing from the tables. Try the calamari and the burek (for breakfast) during your stay.

5. For the story

One of the oldest monuments in Croatia is the Diocletian’s Palace, with 17 centuries of life, in the city of Split. The history in this country is really rich and you will be able to discover it at every step, regardless of the chosen destination. Since we are talking about this city, you will not mind returning again and again and discovering its fantastic corners.

For its capital

Zagreb is divided into two parts: Alta (Gradec) and Baja (Kaptol). The most outstanding building of the Croatian capital is the church of San Marcos, with its roof of coloured mosaics and the coats of arms and the old kingdom.

Other attractions are the Lotrscak Tower (13th century), the Stone Gate, the City Hall building, the Zagreb Cathedral, Ban Jelacic Square and the Botanical Garden. Don’t miss Croatia, a wonderful country full of treasures.