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Relation Between Global Warming and Sudden Temperature Fall


Much has already been talked and said about Global Warming. In fact, we all have been so much moralized on this issue since the school days that now as adults, we have started taking this problem for granted.

This taken-for-granted attitude is more prevalent these days as Delhi NCR received much-relieving showers (even hailstorm and hailstones!) in the month of February. This mind-boggling weather change left all the Delhiites surprisingly happy, with a hope of getting a break from the air pollution and high AQI, for which the region has become infamous lately.

Relation Between Global Warming and Sudden Temperature Fall (Courtesy:

Now according to the MET department, the following were the reasons for this unexpected weather change:

• The meeting of the winds coming from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea over Northern India.

• Deep cloud formation due to the passing of jet streams over Northern plains

• Cold winds, low temperature, and western disturbances.

And we would say that everything is just fine! The weather change is for good, in fact. We should be happy that the old cold days are somewhat being relived in Delhi.

But in all this reveling and enjoying we fail to dig deep and check if this is not a clue for something bigger that may take place in future.

Here, we are being as stupid as the US President Donald Trump when he stated that to counter the cold snaps of Polar Vortex in North America, we need to have some Global Warming.

global-warming-and-climate-change-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Secretnyc)

Yes, let’s check the extent of our stupidity by looking at the bigger example of Polar Vortex.

Many researchers and scientists have already claimed that the phenomenon of Polar Vortex is not just related to a short weather change, but it is the beginning of a serious Climate Change, which may hit us in its full toll in coming years.

Trolling Trump, many of them have also argued that those who think Global Warming is decreasing as the people in America freeze to death are ill-informed much to the extent of sounding imbecile. They have claimed that Polar Vortex (or the sudden fall in temperatures all over so to say) is the cause of Global Warming, which is slowly and steadily bringing a climate change all over the earth.

Let’s see how this is happening.

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, the cold winds causing the stone-cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere is related to the increase in global temperature by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. To be more direct, the Polar Vortex is the cause of the warming of the Arctic which has caused the reduction of Arctic Sea Ice due to Global Warming.  

Due to the heating of the Arctic faster than the rest of the planet, and due to the reduction of the Arctic Sea Ice, more and more heat is escaping from the ocean. This escaped heat energy is disrupting the shield of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex which keeps the extremely cold winds at the Pole, thus preventing them from entering the troposphere.

global-warming-and-climate-change-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: National Weather Service )

Due to the disruption of this shield, the cold is coming southwards more often, causing the fall in temperatures.

Looking at the example of America and Polar Vortex, we just can’t sit relaxed and feel good about untimely cold chills in our region.

Attacking the statement of Donald Trump, Harrison Ford said, “Climate change is the moral crisis of our time.” And we can’t deny that Global Warming is one of the major contributors in this climate change.

So better we get back to the moralizing days when we actually used to care about the earth and think about Global Warming as something which should be minimized.