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Sample Paper Analysis for CBSE Class 12 with New Marking Scheme

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swapnil patel

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CBSE is one of the most progressive education Boards in India. CBSE has a reputation for introducing radical changes that is sure to reform the prevailing education system. More often than not, the changes introduced by CBSE are welcomed by parents, students, school authorities and tuition teachers alike.

This time, CBSE has introduced yet another change. The Board has announced that there will be 33% increase in internal choice in the question papers in some subjects for Class12. The increase will be applicable to all sections in the question paper, and to all question types.

How will the change affect Class 12 students?

Class 12 is the year of Board exam. And while, Board exam preparation is at its peak, it is a common practice for students to refer to past year papers. Now that CBSE has introduced a new marking scheme, previous year papers have become redundant. Referring to them won’t be of much use for students.

However, there is no need for students to get worked up! CBSE has introduced a set of sample papers for Class 12 students. By referring to these sample papers, the students will get a fair idea about how the new marking scheme works and what kind of questions (with internal choices) can they expect to come for the Board Exam.