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Sanitizing Your Car AC Vents


Summer is officially here, the scorching heat should be a reminder for car owners to check if their vehicle Air Conditioning (AC) System is in good status, After all you would not want to ride on a long road trip with smelly & bacteria infested AC & AC vents.

Ac vents are prone to infested with dirt, dust, microbes, bacteria & molds. If it is not cleaned /sanitized, it affects the air we breathe in the car, thereby making us ill. Sanitization of AC vents is of utmost importance for a safe & healthy environment in the Car. You might want to try & do it yourself, here is a handy guide on how you can sanitize your car AC vents by yourself.

Magsol AC Disinfectant Spray is a foamy cleaner for cleaning automotive air conditioner coils, AC ducts, louvers and similar passages quickly in automobiles, household, offices and showrooms etc.