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Rajesh Khanna

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Scope of Humanities in Future


Did you know that over two-thirds of humanities majors get jobs in the private sector? Did you know that almost 60% of CEOs from the United States have accomplished their graduation in Humanities?

Looking at such numbers, students are getting inclined more towards Humanities as their foundation for a career. But, these numbers are achievable only when the source of education is competent enough.

In Bihar, with the literacy rate of 63.82%, people are giving importance to Humanities as their course Subjects. With top colleges in Bihar like ‘Bihar University’, ‘CV Raman University’, which provides good career options, Humanities has found its way towards to list of top discipline in education.

Education Model: Universities, nowadays, are focusing on providing better education to students by modern means. For example, at CV Raman University, ranked as one of top college in Bihar, quality education is delivered to students, by emphasizing more on practical knowledge, skill development training, and workshops which helps them taking great challenges in future with great ease.


1 - They foster social justice and equality.

2 - The humanities teach sympathy.

3 - They teach how to deal critically and logically with subjective, complex, imperfect information and situations.

4 - Humanities students build skills in writing and significant reading.

5 - The humanities encourage people to suppose creatively. They teach to reason concerning being human and to raise questions about our world.

7 - The humanities develop enlightened and significant voters. Without humanities, democracy couldn't flourish.

Career Scope when Humanities.


Focusing mainly on writing and speaking in humanities major graduates are well-prepared to get in shoes of a lecturer. Post-secondary lecturers sometimes hold a student degree, although some schools rent lecturers to provide lessons on Humanities.

Advertising Sales Agent

Although a high school certificate is adequate for a few sales positions in various companies, several employers are choosing candidates with a university degree. Some humanities majors are also in terms of advertising sales positions - this career line demands glorious communication skills. Learn additional concerning advertising and merchandise promotion to envision if a career in advertising is true for.


Are you associate creator or craftsman? Use the communication skills you gained and your humanities degree to promote yourself and be your own boss. Come upon with your own web site or associated, go freelance as a creator for magazines and newspapers, or sell your art to people. Having a background in arts may assist you in your career as associate creator.

Still in doubts over choosing Humanities as a career? Check out the list of Top Colleges in Bihar for Humanities and choose yourself.