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Calum MacDonald

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Seven must-have accessories when planning to visit the Isle of Skye


Seven must-have accessories when planning to visit the Isle of Skye

If you want to get the most from your time on the beautiful island of Skye, here are Donald’s top seven accessories you should bring along with you!

A camera

Few places in the United Kingdom are as picturesque as Skye, so make sure you pack a camera and get as many snaps as you can. If you’re here mainly for the chance to take some stunning photos, The Quiraing walk is a photographer’s dream, as is the view from Neist Point Lighthouse.

A waterproof coat

You may have heard that it occasionally rains in Scotland. Make sure you have a waterproof and windproof jacket for those rare days when the sun doesn’t shine!

Good walking boots

If you want to see as much of the island as possible, you’ll need to be well shod. A good pair of walking boots is a must if you’re planning on tackling any of the longer walks such as stroll to Camasunary or the longer walk to the cleared village of Boreraig.

A sturdy backpack

If you’re getting out and about around the island, you’ll need a sturdy, waterproof backpack for carrying all the essentials such as packed lunches and your camera when not in use.

Scarf and gloves

This one really depends on what time of year you’re visiting, but if you’re heading up into the hills then you need to wrap up warm. Trekking onto higher ground is not advisable in winter, but it can be a bit nippy even when there isn’t a chance of snow, so make sure you’ve got plenty of insulation.

A map

Too many of us rely on our mobile phones, but if they run out of charge or can’t connect to the mighty Google, then you’ll need to fall back on good old paper maps. If you’re planning on heading off the beaten track and away from the towns, have a map just in case.


Skye is a haven for wildlife lovers, and the easiest way to spot the creatures is with binoculars. White-tailed eagles, red deer, whales, dolphins and otters can all be seen around these parts, so bring some binoculars and start ticking them off your list!