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Seven Steps to Play & Win Atari Breakout


Seven Steps to Play & Win Atari Breakout

This is a game developed and purchased by Atari it was launched on May 13, 1976. Atari Breakout was the inspiration and was based on the Apple II personal computers. It is pretty well known the game which has been copied and remade many times. The object of breakout is to build a point by hitting the ball on to the bricks 7 each time when a brick is destroyed you are rewarded with a certain amount of points. In first-row yellow bricks consist of 1 point each. Green bricks in the second row worth 3 points each. For orange brick in the next two rows consist of five points each and red brick in the last two rows consist of 7 points each. Breakout is one of the easy game to learn and hard to master a game. Breakout is a popular game and has its way on many computers and different consoles. They also keep on updating the game such as Arkanoid and also recently it has appeared as an IOS game called breakout boost.

About Game: As it is mentioned above that different color of bricks make you win different points from highest to the lowest. 896 is the highest score which is achievable for one player. This can be achieved by eliminating two screens of brick worth 448 points. However, you can also score behind 896, for that you need to play the game in two-player mode.
The first player playing on the first screen when completed the game on the last ball it allows a ball to get drain. Once the second screen is transferred to player two as a third screen allowing scoring 1,344 points if the third player is able to play with the ball for that long. Once the third screen is also eliminated the game is over.

How to play Atari Breakout:
You can play stylish version of “Atari Breakout” game in which target is to hit maximum bricks by bouncing a ball between the blocks and the platform you control.

Below are the steps:
1)  Open the browser: You can play this game in famous web browsers such as Firefox, Google, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

2)  Google Image:  Once you will type the URL in the IP address bar post that waits for Google page to get open. Once the search bar started reflecting on the screen type the keyword.

3)  Type the Keyword: You need to click on the search bar and type “Atari Breakout” and hit the enter key. Make sure that you must type correct spelling.

4)  Select Option: You will see many sites as a search result, so click on the site on which you will see the game.

5)  Install Flash Player:
Once you will try to play the game it will prompt for installing Flash player if it is not installed, so kindly install it.

6)  New game: Once the flash player is installed click on the option “Run” & your game console will get open.

7)  Instructions:
Read Instructions and you can enjoy your game now. Use your mouse right and left bar at the bottom of the page. Bounce the ball between the bar and the colored rectangle. Your motive should be to break all the colored rectangles without getting the ball fallen down.

Once you start the game, the ball will hit on to the various bricks placed above and will come back to the paddle from where it will bounce back again. You should not miss the ball hitting on the paddle. If you let the ball past the paddle, you will lose a life. You get 3 lives in the game.

Important Conditions: You have total lives which you can see at the top left side of the screen. You lose your life each time your ball falls below.

You can also pause or mute the game as per your requirement.

Atari breakout is a very simple and interesting game. People love to play this game and the best part is that people of all age can play this game. By following above mentioned simple steps you can enjoy the game and may give relax to your body and mind after going through all day hectic schedule.