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Naveen Kumar

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Simple steps on how to become a better football player


Football is the world's greatest game and with such a large number of individuals playing it from such a youthful age, the challenge to make it as an expert is massive.

Notwithstanding age or capacity, improving as a footballer is something each player needs. The excellence of most games is there's dependably opportunity to get better, regardless of how great you may as of now be and football isn't an acception.

So how would you improve as a footballer? Pre-season is simply the ideal time to attempt and prepared yourself for the new season and benefitting as much as possible from this time could be what lifts you to improving as a player.

1. Practice, practice and practice

First touch

To end up a decent player, you should have the capacity to have an extraordinary first touch. Having the capacity to control the ball near your body, with the two feet, will have a critical effect to your diversion and at last, your first touch manages what your best course of action will be.

Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey clarifies how he rehearsed his first touch when he was more youthful:

"When I was a little child my father used to toss the jumble as high as could reasonably be expected and I would attempt and cut it down, with my left foot and after that my correct foot."

He included, "I'd play out the front of the house, kicking the ball against the divider, left foot, right foot, again and again. In the event that you continue dealing with it, chipping away at it, taking a shot at it, in the end it will come."

Shelvey is currently playing in the Premier League, so on the off chance that something as basic as this improved him a footballer, it can positively work for you as well.

Foundations and advancement squads will regularly make you kick a ball against the divider before each instructional course for various minutes, taking it in turns with the two feet to enhance your touch.

The video underneath tells you the best way to rehearse your first touch and the assortment of contacts you can use in a diversion circumstance.

Frail foot capacity

One huge approach to show signs of improvement at football is to wind up sure utilizing your more fragile foot, an advantage than can considerably upset some expert's on occasion.

This is an ability that can isolate you from a lot of different footballers and in the event that you can reinforce your more fragile foot since the beginning, the odds of you turning into an incredible footballer will be expanded.

Once more, something as basic as kicking and controlling a ball against a divider with your more fragile foot will be valuable for you. It's regularly the situation that players depend on their characteristic foot for a considerable length of time, so attempting to then utilize your other foot all the more frequently will be troublesome at first yet consistent practice will empower you to build up your more fragile foot rapidly.

Motivating your mentor to set up drills in preparing where you need to utilize your left foot can likewise be vital, straightforward passing and shooting drills just as making you utilize your flimsier foot in a training amusement will give you the certainty to bring that into a genuine diversion situation.

Diverse positions should fortify their non-overwhelming foot in differentiating ways. For instance, it isn't a lot of a need for an inside back to have the capacity to have the capacity to artfulness the ball into the base corner from 12 yards out, something that is basic for a striker.

They will be increasingly stressed over having the power and exactness of a pass or freedom to get them out of possibly unsafe circumstances, changing back to their more grounded foot since they're not sure on their more fragile foot could turn out to be expensive.

Watch Liverpool and England midfielder Adam Lallana talk about the fact that it is so vital to have the capacity to utilize your flimsier foot and how despite everything he believes he can enhance his.