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Simple Way to Apply For Employer Sponsored Visa Australia


Every day more people have the idea of changing their lives and immigrating to Australia with a job. What has been the American dream a few years ago is currently the "Aussie Dream". Australia continues to position itself worldwide as the country of opportunities, where salaries are high, quality of life is excellent and job offers abound. The only concern in this ideal scenario is getting the employer sponsored visa with everything perfect by your side.

You must know the sponsored visas

What types of work visa exist? Can you apply for permanent residence directly? What can you do to work and live in Australia? The answers to these questions are complicated and a lawyer or MARA agent is usually required to clarify the doubts. However, there are different alternatives depending on the person, their occupation, work experience, age, level of English, etc.

Among these alternatives, you find one of the most common, the 457-visa or employer sponsored visa Australia, which allows foreigners to work in Australia sponsored by a company for up to 4 years. According to the Australian government regarding the 457, currently, the number of visas granted has increased by 15% compared to last year making.

How to get this sponsored visas ?

To qualify for this employer sponsored visa Australia visa, the candidate must be hired by an Australian company that is willing to sponsor. Once this happens, the person will have to present a series of documents among which are - academic degrees, evidence of work experience, letters of recommendation from previous employers, level of English certified with IELTS test, medical examinations, and a general check-up of your legal situation.

In order for a company to sponsor a foreigner under the 457 visa, it must be in search of an employee that complies with a position/job established in the SOL listing issued by the Australian government. Additionally, the employer has to prove to the government that it employs other Australians and that it has not had any conflict with its employees in the past.

Temporary skilled shortage visa (TSS), subclass 482

The new TSS 482 Visa is stricter, more expensive and shorter in scope, particularly if an individual's profession is on the new Short Term Qualified Occupation List, which grants a temporary two-year visa without the possibility of permanent residence.

Subclass Visa process

  • First, the company must apply to the Immigration Department if it can become a sponsoring company.
  • Then you must nominate the particular available position, describing the employee's salary and responsibilities.
  • Finally, the visa applicant must complete the application referring to the stipulated nomination.
  • Those who have an occupation that is on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List can request a more secure version of the 482 visa
  • There are much higher costs for the employer with the new visa, than with the 457
  • Costs from $ 1150, plus $ 750 and a tax of up to $ 1800 per year charged to the employer

Permanent Sponsorship 186 Visa

The employer's nomination scheme or Employer Sponsored Visa 186 allows an employer to sponsor highly specialized workers to fill vacancies in their company. Australia and International Companies can sponsor foreign workers either to work in Australia temporarily and up to 4 years or to work in Australia permanently and be the residence and meet the minimum wage level.

Permanent Regional Sponsorship 187 Visa

The Regional Sponsorship Migration scheme or 187 visa Australia allows employers in regional or low population growth areas to sponsor highly specialized workers either from abroad or temporarily in Australia, and fill vacancies your company. Employers must be operating in Australia, and the vacant position must provide a full-time job in Australia for two years.


Skill-Select is an Australian Government online service that allows you to register your skills as a worker, facilitating the search for a sponsoring company. If you want to learn everything about this system, consulting the employer sponsored visa Adelaide professional will assist you till the end. Australian employers can search Skill-Select and identify if you have the skills and qualifications necessary to fill a vacancy.

Conclusion: what have you learned?

Getting Visas in Australia goes through various types of immigration filters. There are various kinds of Visas in Australia for foreign skill workers, regional foreign students, workers, temporary workers, permanent workers.

All of them are in a RAT RACE to get the best benefit and to get the permanent residence in Australia. But, to achieve the goal, you must serve at least some guidelines. And, for any other queries, you can get the immigration agents of Australia in online 24x7. The employer must meet the requirements for sponsorship, the job position must verify certain nomination criteria, and the qualifications, skills and work experience of the employee must match the nominated position.

Hope this information will be of much use for you. If you want to apply for employer sponsored visa in a hassle freeway than you can take services of MARA registered Migration Agent in Perth, Adelaide or any other part of Australia.