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Sony PlayStation VR the power of gaming


Sony PlayStation VR is powered by PS4 and is the advanced and latest member of the family of PS3-- so any PS4 comfort you own, you're PlayStation VR ready to use; you just have to add a camera of your PlayStation, connect your headset to your PS3 and leave realism behind.

Sony PlayStation VR is one of the best gaming consoles that come with their own particular pros and cons. Is Sony PlayStation VR is best for use? Yes, it's a great gaming console provide the best services and games to users. In addition to, the companies have made their own cracking consoles in the market. If you really want to buy a gaming console that fulfills your gaming needs, in this article we'll mention the features of Sony PlayStation VR to help you to find out the best gaming console for yourself.


PlayStation VR comes with a lot of new features. Below, will mention Sony PlayStation VR features as well as their future updates.


Any of the ways you spin the 360-degree immersion of PlayStation VR creates you part of a living inhalation globe with the perfect field of vision.

Per the second 120 frames

Super low latency & smooth visuals join to make an extremely immersive planet for gaming.

Audio immersion

3D audio

Find a fresh dimension in sound with innovative 3D audio that enables you precisely perceive the distance and direction of sounds that are coming from below, above and all across you.

Play together

Project your Sony PlayStation VR experiences straight to the screen of your TV with mirror mode, allowing your family and friends see what you are giving and seeing them a window into your virtual world.

With separate mode allow your friends to join your games and screen a different view of the action on a screen of the TV as a second player experience.

Built in mic

Voice and text chat with your friends and family online, talk over the tactics of the game and support your involvement in the virtual world with the receiver's included microphone.

Live the game

Engage yourself in an amazing and extraordinary new universe, put yourself at the center of a great gaming world and experience a fresh technique to play with Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR gaming console comes with 5.7 OLED display. With the 5.7 OLED display, see hyper-real 3D surroundings come to life. The optical lens of PS VR will take you approximately 100-degree view field. Moreover find out a fresh dimension in sound with 3D audio cutting-edge that allows you to correctly observe the distance and direction of sounds that are coming from below, above and all across you.

To offer super low latency and smooth visuals, Sony PlayStation VR changes 60fps VR contents to 120fps. Low latency is important to provide an engaging and comfortable VR experience, and PS VRs latency comes in at below 18ms (0.018 seconds).

Experience new universe with Sony PlayStation VR.

Sony PlayStation VR uses a 1920 x 1080 single 5.7 resolution full-color OLED RGB screen, also known as "1920 x RGB x 1080." Sony PlayStation VR screen uses Green, full Red and Blue sub-pixels to make a complete color pixel.

Besides the headset of Sony PS VR includes motion sensors, as well as blue, LED tracking lights that are used in combination with the PlayStation Camera to track the position and direction of your head in actual-time. These modern and advanced technologies allowed Sony PlayStation VR to more engage the player and provide a strong sense of occurrence.

How comfortable is Sony PlayStation VR to use?

Sony's headset might be similar to a cumbersome mixing of plastic, metal, and glass that you have to cover across your head, but in point of fact, it's the greatest and the comfiest headset on the market. Through shifting the component's front-loaded heaviness to your forehead, rather than your face front, the screen of Sony's PlayStation VR floats in front of your face enabling you to contentedly play for hours. Its changeable head strap saves it safe and all the padding ends the strap from getting restless in play. It perhaps the weightiest headset on the market, but it surely doesn't feel like it


Regardless of all the cables, the company has put its customer proficiency to use and prepared a perfectly straightforward PlayStation VR system available for each user. All ports are clearly considered and all cables are numbered, so even a Luddite can acquire Sony's VR headset up and running in few minutes.

Ready to experience new games with PlayStation VR in an entire advanced mode? So PS VR is now available in the market.

Sony PlayStation VR the power of gaming