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Sujain Thomas

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Sporting Events from Across the Globe which Involve Animals


There are a lot of discussions and controversies going on about involving animals into sporting events. However, events like bullfighting and horse racing are still enjoyed and practiced across the globe. Whether these needed to banned or continued is left up to the debate. In this article, we will list out a few such exciting sporting events which involve both animals and human.

1. Bullfight

It is of the most famous item in the list, which is also considered as one of the most ancient practices of men fighting the bulls in a rink to exhibit power. The event is prevalent in many countries across the globe like Spain, Mexico, and France, etc. At some places, the bullfight is banned, and at some other places, it is protected by law with strict regulations.

2. Elephant polo

The players sitting on top of the elephant along with a mahout and play polo. There is a body named World Elephant Polo Association, which monitors and manages the game globally. The game is usually played at places like Thailand, Nepal, Rajasthan in India, England, Sri Lanka, and Scotland, etc. However, this sport is on the decline now as it is so difficult to train and many have already called out for a ban on it.

3. Horse racing

It is one of the most exciting and ancient sporting events in the world, which involves animals. It is equestrian sports, which include two or more horses controlled by jockeys on a track over a distance. Considered as the ancient of all animal sports, it exists at almost all countries across the globe.

Different horse races widely vary in format, and many racing sports centers have developed their practices and traditions around horse racing. The significant variations of racing are like restricted races for a particular breed or horses, race with jumping over obstacles, different track surfaces for running, etc. You can watch them on TVG.

4. Rodeo

Rode exists as the official sport in many of the states in the USA. The game involves various activities like riding the bulls, racing, etc. There was a massive backlash on this sport from the animal welfare associations, which mellowed down the charm of this sport mostly during recent years. Apart from North America, this sport is also played in countries like South America, Canada, Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, etc.

5. Camel wrestling

Found in rarity now, camel wrestling was once the favorite sporting event across the Middle East region. Now played in Turkey and other parts, the history of camel wrestling dates back to more than 200 years. This sport is a typical fight between two camels. We have to consider it as a cruel sporting event itself when compared to other animal sports as the participating camels may be starving for days to the fight more aggressive. Apart from Turkey, now this sport is practiced in many other parts of the Middle East and Asia.

There are strict rules and regulations by different state and national governments of various countries to monitor and regulate the rules of these types of animal sporting events.