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Starting a Softy Ice cream business from Home : How to Start Idea


Softy ice cream business is an one man business. You can install one unit to operate easily. If you like to scale up your business then you need to manage the multiple installation of machine, procurement of raw materials in time and also management of skilled-manpower.

Starting a ice cream business would be one the best trending business in the year 2019. Since ‘Ice Cream’ is considered as one of the delicious deserts all over the world, it could be a viable business from low investment category.

The market size is also quite large because, whether it is a kid or adult it doesn’t matter to have their choice as ice cream from a deserts menu in a confectionery shop or event. 

a. Initial Investment: To start a softy ice cream business it requires a space of 5 Sq Feet in your home or shop. The machine is just like a Refrigerator’s size. The cost of machine starts from Rs.70000/- in India as on this date and a standard machine with double compressor comes in the price range of Rs.95000 to Rs. 1 Lakh. The GST (Goods & Service Tax) is extra and also you have to bear the transportation cost.

Apart from machine cost you should have at least 50% of the amount of machine’s cost to invest in decoration of your stall and other operating cost. In total you need Rs.2 Lakh in your hand as on date ( 12 Aug 2019) to have a soft ice cream business operational.

b. Manpower & Labour Cost: Apart from initial investment amount you need one man power for the operation of this business. Either you need a machine installation in your shop or in other’s shop on partner basis; you need one man power for this business. If you are trying to start this business for outdoor events then be assured that you have casual labour for transportation of this machine and they will be primarily responsible for handling of the machine.

Starting a Softy Ice cream business from Home : How to Start Idea

Operation & Profit Margin: The operating cost of the machine would be only the electricity supply and minor maintenance excluding the rent of a business place if you have already taken. The electricity consumption of the machine varies as per the model you purchase and you need to clarify from the company. But the profit margin of the business is almost 100% of your investment and hence the operating cost could be adjusted for a little plus or minus margin.

To prepare a cone ice cream which normally sells @ Rs.20 in a tier-III cities it requires only Rs.5 to 6 to prepare one unit of cone ice cream. If you are selling it Big Malls or Tier-I cities then you may need another Rs.2 to 4 for decoration of the ice cream which will be sold @ Rs.50 to Rs.100 in the Malls or Ice cream Parlors. 

To have a detail business plan of this business you can watch the softy ice cream business idea video at youtube also.