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Stone Jaw Crusher Working Principle and For Sale

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What is the Stone Jaw Crusher Working Principle?

When the jaw crusher is in operation, the movable jaws periodically reciprocate the fixed  Stone Jaw Crusher, sometimes close, and sometimes leave. When approaching, the material is stone Jaw Crusher by crushing  for sale ,splitting, and impact between the two jaws; when leaving, the material that has been broken is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

Stone Jaw Crusher Working Principle In the process of breaking huge stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually the "main" crusher. The longest and most rugged crusher is the jaw crusher. When feeding the jaw crusher, the material is poured from the top inlet into the crushing chamber containing the molars, which force the material to the wall of the chamber and break it into smaller stones. Supporting the movement of the caries is an eccentric shaft that runs through the fuselage frame. Eccentric motion is usually produced by a flywheel that is fixed at both ends of the shaft. Flywheels and eccentrically supported bearings often use spherical roller bearings. Bearings must withstand large impact loads, abrasive sewage and high temperatures.Stone Jaw Crusher Working Principle and For Sale

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