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anand mohanty

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Studying on the sofa? Here are 3 reasons why you should not do that


Do you adore considering on the couch? That may be agreeable, however it is surely not the most ideal approach to think about. We should comprehend why.

Ideal time and place for everything

You more likely than not heard your seniors state that "there is a period and place for everything". What's more, that is valid. Anything that is before its right time is 'untimely'. For instance, an organic product taken from the tree before the suitable time will be crude and unpleasant. A youngster brought out of the belly before time would be frail and inclined to maladies.

Also, anything that isn't in its right place is lost. For instance, envision for a minute what might have occurred if your hands were set underneath the abdomen! Of course, we are the most brilliant of all creatures on earth, we would have made sense of some approach to utilize them, yet would the position be ideal? Absolutely not.

Arrangement with normal energies for ideal outcomes

Nature has discovered the best situation for everything. What's more, subsequent to watching nature, our predecessors had set out the art of bearings and right positions in Vaastu Shastra. In Vaastu there is the idea of Asta-Dikpalas – Guardians of the eight bearings.

It is said that in the event that you complete a movement, pointing in the correct heading – you increment your odds of achievement.

These watchmen connote the imperceptible powers that influence everything on earth. When you are pointing the correct way, you end up lined up with these powers, your body and mind achieves an ideal state for progress. Along these lines, in the event that you examine in your investigation room – or a place that has been assigned for considering – you will get ideal outcomes out of your endeavors.

Tangible signs reinforce your memory

On the off chance that you visit a customary Sanskrit Gurukul, you will see that the understudies read their exercises in a specific tune, and with a gentle forward and in reverse development of their bodies. There is an extremely lovely rationale behind this, which present day science has possessed the capacity to find as of late. Retaining something profoundly is a procedure in which your mind utilizes numerous contributions to make that a memory. Along these lines, when Gurukul understudies read so anyone might hear in a tune, the cerebrum perceives the adjustment in order and connects it with the exercise. The shaking development of the body is likewise useful in this procedure.

When you consider in a settled place – your investigation room - the visual, sound-related and olfactory information sources originating from the room enables your mind to connect the learnings with these data sources, and shape long haul recollections.

Then again, when you are resting, your cerebrum is getting the flag that you are worn out, and you are resting to take rest. All things considered, the cerebrum is endeavoring to close down, not frame recollections. Additionally, obviously, perusing in a prostrate position puts more weight on your eyes.

Along these lines, whenever you read something, either for a test, or to improve yourself with information, or only for recreation, pick the correct spot.