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Summer Inspired custom packaging


Summer Inspired custom packaging Summer Inspired custom packaging

To enhance the buying experience for your customers, manufacturing custom boxes is a great idea. The inspiration to design custom printed boxes can come from anything or anywhere. It may be a falling leaf, current season or anything else.


Summer is about to come in a few months. It is just the perfect time to start planning & designing summer inspired custom packaging solutions. When it comes to the summer inspired custom boxes, a few things come to our mind. The bright colors, striking/bold graphics, & whimsical patterns with sand/sunshine are best for summer inspired custom printed boxes. Try to design inspired packaging to stand out on the market shelves & to leave a lasting impression.    

3 tips for designing best summer packaging

Here are 3 amazing tips for you, which you must keep in mind to succeed with your summer packaging solutions.

# Include a striking message positively

Summer is the time of year to feel fresh & happy all the time. You must try your level best to include a striking message in a positive manner on your boxes. In this way, customers will feel joyful reading it & also it will be attention-grabbing for others.   

# Be mindful while choosing colors

Be cautious while choosing colors for summer inspired packaging. There is nothing to do with darker shades. To play with various bright colors, the best idea is to keep the background white. You can also make it contrasting in a striking manner.

# Try to make it distinctive

A unique custom printed box is the only thing that can make your products stand out on the market shelves. Have a look at your competitors. If a lot of them aren’t using seasonal packaging, you must go for it. It will help you a lot in getting extra attention. You can easily stand out in the crowd of your competitors.

List of best summer inspired custom packaging solutions

Let us have a look at a few best summer inspired packaging solutions by several companies to get inspiration from.

#1 Zoega – summer inspired coffee design

#2 Bath & body – summer radiance design

#3 Kleenex – fruity design

#4 Bamboo – Sun/summer/beach inspired design

#5 MAC – Summer makeup collection – designs with funky colors

#6 Victorias Secret – Summer inspired fragrance

#7 PangPang – Summer inspired beer design

#8 Sonic – Summer inspired packaging design

#9 Coastal Co – distinctive beach designs

So, get inspiration from these top summer inspired designs & make your unique design to stand out. Let me tell you one more thing about all the above-listed companies. When they launched their products in these summer inspired boxes, the response of the customers was amazing. Generally, people pay more for attractive/unique packaging. This is the reason it is said that distinct packaging adds to the product’s value. This is where summer inspired packaging pays you in a long run.

Let us know if you have any brilliant idea for summer inspired custom printed boxes. We would love to hear from you.

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