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We all love the season of sun and cool breeze, long lazy days at the pool without a care in the world, and flaunting our floral dresses. But come to think of it, we spend most of our summer days inside our air-conditioned homes and offices. After all, who would want to go out in the shimmering sun and get our skin dry, tanned and lifeless! So what are the suncare habits that lead to great skin? All we have to do is say hello to the new beauty routine and skincare kitty (like a suitable sunscreen for face and best sunscreen lotions), and we are sorted.

From the ancient times, nature has abundance of nutrients in store for us, which can heal, cure and enhance our skin. For example, almond oil is known to have good moisturizing abilities and can help dry skins to regain its moisture that is lost during long hours in sun.

Honey, is known as the nectar of life and full of minerals that purify the skin. Similarly, papaya is known to be a full of anti-oxidants and helps to remove the layers of dead skin.

But are we using these treasures from the nature and Ayurveda in the best way possible? Here’s how we can treat our skin magically by using some products that are full of nature’s bounty:

Bio Sandalwood Water Resistant Lotion – One of the best sunscreens for face, Bio Sandalwood Lotion is nutrient rich with bark of the arjun tree other than honey, sandalwood, saffron and others. This lotion also gives a broad spectrum of SPF 50 UVA/UVB which helps in providing complete coverage against harsh rays.

Application: Use it everytime 10-15 mints before stepping out in the skin and block UV rays on your skin.

Bio Papaya – Papaya is a great fruit full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and can do wonders for your skin. It can unclog the pores that are full of dust and residue and remove the layer of dead skin, so if you have a tanned skin, you are blessed to have found out one of the best tan removal scrubs.

Bio Morning Nectar – This lotion is blended with pure honey, wheatgerm and seaweed which makes for one of the best sunscreen that helps in removing tan and leaving a fairer and fresher complexion.

Bio Anti Tan Kit – For people who have tanned skin due to elongated hours in sun or sensitive skin that gets marred by sunrays easily, the Bio Anti Tan Kit comes quite handy. It comprises of Bio Papaya Face Wash, Bio Papaya Scrub and Bio Fruit Pack. All of these products used together magically eradicates the stubborn tan from your face!

Quick tip:

With so many tan-removal products and natural sunscreens available, how would you choose the best sunscreen for oily skin and the best sunscreen for dry to oily skin. With the help of skin consultation and knowing your skin better. Once you have identified the right product according to your skin type. Getting a good sunscreen for face is the first good suncare habit that leads to great skin. Try our skin consultation service here and identify your sun cream.