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Surveillance Systems Right In School: What Will Be The Result


Surveillance Systems Right In School: What Will Be The Result

What will the educational institutions and schools of future be like? From the developments as taking place in China and the USA, it is hard to imagine. Chances are high that students will be right under permanent surveillance by cameras, algorithms and all other kinds of technologies, as designed to not just monitor their movements but what they are thinking.

There has already been the introduction of facial recognition technology in some schools in the USA for preventing violence. There have been multiple objections as raised by the civil rights group as they claim this movement to be quite unacceptable in school based environment. Right now, some schools are using the artificial intelligence for monitoring everything which the student type on tablets and computer for predicting violent behavior, suicide, bullying or any other issue. The Surveillance System Philadelphia in school is quite hype and it is here to stay for long.

The results in the USA:

In the USA, the addition of AI and surveillance cameras was not all results of the Children’s Internet protection Act or the CIPA. It obliges every possible federally funded school which might have internet security policy and will include installation of all the monitoring tools on equipment like computers, tablets or even Chrome books, which institutions are providing their students with.

• Even though some schools have installed filters simply for blocking inappropriate content, others have opted for some of the specialized packages like Go Guardian, Gaggle or even Securely for monitoring conflicting scenarios from user information, like the sites visited and use of devices.

• There are some other companies, which have already developed predictive algorithms for analyzing the probability of any student dropping out.

• These services are all driven by the policies, which are otherwise used for supporting the virtually unlimited collections of the student data from some of the earliest stages.

Other universities and their additions:

There are some universities available, which are installing Amazon Echo Dot throughout some of the common areas for providing information about practical matter, facilities and schedules.

• These devices are primarily located in the working rooms, but can also be seen in student dorms and apartments in one largest rolling out of its kind. It is a possible threat dealing with privacy.

• Furthermore, Microsoft came up with the free video discussion app for the students, following lead of colleges using online platforms for participation and detailed analysis of students.

• It is not a bad thing. However, right now comments are limited to classroom and will be stored and processed. This is again raising fears among some shift towards permanent monitoring.

Have its own pros and cons:

Just like with any other devices, surveillance cameras have their own pros and cons involved as well. Adding these cameras in school premises is important to take a complete look at students when they are in school premises. However, it is also important for them to not overdo with the surveillance routines, as then it can lead to legal problems.