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sachdev deepesh

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Tech Review


Hi everyone , today i am going to give you all the review of application that i have personally tried out recently. Application i am giving you all the review about is popular app among people who love to play new video game on android.

Application name is called ppsspp emulator. It is application available free on Google play store. This application is basically an " emulator ". Now some of you who don't think might think what is am emulator and what does and how does it work ?

An emulator is an application that help you run the application by emulating it. There are various different emulator available for use some of which are free to use while some are paid. The one that i have tried and tested is ppsspp emulator . It is genuinely a good application which is used to run and play psp game on android.

Today i am going to tell you all some pros and cons of using ppsspp emulator.

Pros of ppsspp emulator :

1) It is freely available on playstore.

2)It was some customization options/settings that can help you in improving your gameplay.

3) All psp game can be played and many game can be stored also.

4) It is application where one doesn't have to give any personal information such as username or password.

5) It can be played offine also.

6) It has an option to autosave the game

Cons of ppsspp emulator :

1) It requires user or player to download the game before playing it.

2) It freezes and lags at time .

3) It is time consumeing process in terms of downloading the game.

4) It is tidious work because user first need to download the game and once the game is downloaded it need to be extracted also which could be in .iso or .cso form.

So , overall , i personally like this application a lot because it not only save the time but is also very effective and efficient. if anyone want to download ppsspp emulator , link is avaliable below :