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Technology involved in ducted air conditioning installation!


Technology involved in ducted air conditioning installation!

It should only be through a licensed professional HVAC installer while going ahead with ducted air conditioning installation. It can be really dangerous attempting to install a new cooling unit without the proper training and knowledge. Your cooling system might be damaged and the efficiency might also be reduced through the improper installation increasing the costs to cool your home.

You are probably unfamiliar with the process if you have never had a contractor install a air conditioner before. The general steps the consumer follows will be the same as each HVAC pro’s process varies. We will go through the process as you plan to install your ducted air conditioning system.

Understanding the types of air conditioners

When it comes to air conditioning, homes and businesses have equipment options.

Split systems: Split systems are the most popular air conditionings. As it utilizes indoor and outdoor components, it is split. Holding the blower and evaporator coil, inside lies the air handler. A metal cabinet holding the condenser coil and compressor is what this air conditioner holds. The system is connected by the refrigerant lines. You will likely have this sort of cooling system too if you use a furnace for central heating.

Heat Pump: Another type of split system is the heat pumps. The heat pump supplies cooling in the summer and heating in the winter instead of a furnace and air conditioner. The heat pump cabinets sits outdoors as it also has an air handler indoor. They can be air source of geothermal when it comes to the heat pumps. Depending on heating or cooling needs air source heat pumps extract heat from or release heat into outdoor air. Heat pumps pull heat from or deposit heat into the earth to supply heating or cooling as geothermal is also called ground source.

Packaged air conditioners: Electric air conditioning and a heat pump or heating plus cooling equipment are combined in a packaged air conditioner. Just outside the home or commercial building, these units sit on the rooftop too. Due to their installation flexibility and small footprint, they are often chosen for commercial applications.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners: For cooling a home or business without ductwork, ductless systems are a great choice. A ductless system does not whereas the other systems require the ductwork for the distribution of cool air. Connected to the air handling units which are placed in one or more rooms of the home or building as ductless mini split systems have an outdoor air conditioner or a heat pump. Offering greater control over energy use and temperature as control cooling delivered to each room or area separately of the other air handlers.

Other considerations while installing an air conditioner

Other factors may also come into play while installing an air conditioner:

New duct systems: You can choose a ductless air conditioner if your home or business does not have existing duct work. You will have to have a duct system installed to work with as this comes with extra cost and space considerations if you want to go with another type of central air conditioner.

Duct system repair: The existing ducts may require repairs or alterations to support the new system if your home or business does not have a duct system and you want to install a ducted central air conditioner. Leading to energy loss and poor temperature control, air leaks can reduce air conditioner efficiency up to 30 percent. To support the new air conditioner your duct system may require duct sealing. To facilitate your new central air conditioner installation additional duct runs may need tied in to your existing system.

Indoor air quality: It might not be enough for your climate or indoor environment as central air conditioners provides a certain level of dehumification. For indoor air quality treatment in your home or business, installing a while-home dehumidifier to work would be a great option. A whole-home air purifier may be an add-on which you want while installing a cooling system if indoor contamination is an issue which you face.

Finding the best HVAC contractors for installation:

What you might like to purchase and once you have an idea of the types of central air conditioners which are available you would now be looking for an HVAC professional.

There are many ways to find the one who is professional.

• Asking your friends or family for recommendations on the contractors like

• Searching online

• Local directories