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Vanisha Anand

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Teenage life


Teenage life

TeenageLife is a state which starts from being an innocent kid following stressful and pressurizing teenage life and then comes adulthood and finally when the person comes weak, fragile, and old. The most important stage of a person is when he or she is in their teenage life. It has been seen from the past few decades, that children who are in their teenage livelihood face many problems. It is the period where the parents stress over their child's career and the future because of which there is pressure and force for things which their child is not ready to opt for. Due to the pressure of studies, family, and the issues of being able to walk in the right direction to build a new and prosperous future, all these things make a child overthink. When they say that, "everything has to be done within limits". This is applied everywhere and so as for the people who have dug the hole which is leading them to the spacious area where there is no sign of positivity.

Being an overthinker is not a choice which they themselves make. They know what it feels like to feel lonely, exhausting, and worthless. Overthinking has been identified as unproductive which can lead to nonstop thinking of negative thoughts all day long. A day in an overthinker's life is full of emotions, disturbed sleeping patterns, and non-active days.

The root cause of overthinking starts with stress and anxiety. These are also some of the symptoms which are seen by an overthinker. They have stress over small things and they feel anxious about the same. Other than these, one has the matter with their own self-esteem and their self-doubt. These are also some of the causes of overthinking. Emphasizing the pandemic situation, being isolated and separated from social life can be the reason for stress and anxiety. It has been made very obvious by the overthinkers that in this situation of the pandemic when everybody is stuck at their homes and their hometowns they overthink, they are stressed over and feel anxious about their life in the future. These circumstances make them think about their sickness, deaths, and financial crisis which might be happening, all the situations make a person who is fragile and sensitive by heart take the path of overthinking and feel anxious.

Another cause that leads to overthinking for an individual is trauma. Many individuals in their teenage or in their adulthood face trauma that gets stuck in their brain and can cause overthinking. Parental issues, family problems, and other abuses can be the reasons behind trauma. Those who experience trauma are likely to get obsessive thoughts about the situation and the circumstances they are in.

No one can decide that there is only a particular solution for an overthinker to overcome his anxiety and stress feeling. But the below-mentioned techniques can be helpful for those who feel that they are suffering from overthinking or anxiety or stress in their lives.

  1. Meditation

Practice makes a man perfect, this quote states that if there is the practice there is perfection. Light meditation and giving some time to think about the positive thoughts can be very helpful in reducing stress and overcoming the emotions which are inside their mind and heart.

  • Exercises of breathing

Having concentration and focus over the way you breathe can be very helpful for an overthinker to rest their mind.

  • Jotting down thoughts

It has been found that writing down the memories or the thoughts about something you feel can be a very helpful technique to overcome the emotions which reside inside one's heart.

  • Distractions

Separation of negative thoughts from your mind is very important. The overthinker can distract themselves by channeling themselves to do something productive which can be their hobbies, their interests, and what they prefer as positive.


It is of utmost importance to have a person by their side to look after them when they are in pain when they cannot share their emotions. An overthinker can survive his/her worst days with his /her loved ones beside them.