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Namrata Kothari Patawari

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Did you know that July 24 is the official Tequila day? If not, then grab a slice of lime and some salt and let’s celebrate the Tequila day the Tequila way. The old saying goes “ one Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, floor”, but before you hit the floor, you should know where your favourite spirit comes from!

Origin of Tequila

As North America’s first distilled drink and first commercially produced alcohol, Tequilas history is long and rich. It’s roots reach back into pre-Hispanic times; this drink is by fermentation of the Agave plant.

2-Tequilla and Hollywood

Many Hollywood celebrities have ventured into the Tequila industry creating their brands –

Justin Timberlake- 901 Silver Tequila

Carlos Santana- Casa Noble Tequila

George Clooney- Casamino’s Tequila

Different categories of Tequila

Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but the spirits can still be incredibly confusing. The Mexican laws state that tequila can only be made in the state of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. Tequila falls under five categories

1- Blanco- This is Tequila in its purest form. It's the freshly distilled spirit without any oak ageing at all. It’s just the flavour of Agave.

2- Joven- This category of Tequila is rare to find but it does exist. It's a Blanco that has been blended with colour, caramel or sugar syrups.

3- Reposado- These are Tequilas that see two months to one year in oak Barrels. It is perfect for Margaritas and other mixed drinks.

4- Anejo- A Tequila aged for one to three years in the barrels. This is a sipping Tequila, one that exhibits not only flavours of Agave but rich vanilla and floral aromas as well.

5- Extra Anejo- Any Tequila aged longer than three years. These are the bottles that are highly collectable and a must for true Tequila aficionados

Tequila and Tequila shots

Any talk about tequila cannot be completed without the mention of the super famous, the super cool Tequila shots. A big hit at the parties, these shots are a must for all the Tequila lovers. So, sprinkle a little salt on your hand, grab a piece of lime between your fingers, bottoms up with the tequila shots and bite the lime. Good times have arrived.

Cheers to the Tequila day.