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Pradip Mohapatra

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The Best Online Courses and Certifications for HR Professionals


It is very important for HR to stay ahead of others in terms of improving career aspects. As we all know that HR professionals are the new backbone in making businesses a success. The most valued credit goes to the effort and time they take in supporting the company’s growth. If at all you need to give credit to someone who has brought the right talent, cater to the organization’s need, maintain work environment. Then yes, we’re talking about the Human Resource department.

And with new trends and development in the industry, one needs to upgrade their skills to have the right approach towards a successful career. Over the years, companies and organizations are now looking for talents who are adaptive, resilient, customer-centric, open to new challenges and ones who are able to change directions.

Have you upgraded yourself with the latest skills?

We have seen fascinating changes in the technology domain, from AI to Data Science to IoT, but what we do not still realize is that we’re still a long way from removing the human out from the human resources.

You do not need to dive deep to get the right career development resources. With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and online education platforms available, you can now learn these skills at your own pace and enhance your career prospect. A growing number of professionals are taking up HR certification programs as their complementary mechanism through which they can bridge their skill-gap.

Let us look at some best HR certifications available online -- that can help bridge the skill gap.

People Management, edX

• Duration:- 2-4 hours per week (for 6 weeks)

• What you’re offered:- if you’re looking to become a people manager then taking up this course can be an added advantage. This course also provides learners with an enhanced understanding of people management in an organizational context.

Talent Management Credentials and Practitioner, Talent Management Institute (TMI)

• Duration:- 120 minutes

• What you’re offered:- it is one of the world’s best resources available online on talent management where you’re provided with a TMI handbook for practitioners, an e-copy of exam preparation guide, access to the TMI universal knowledge framework and also TMI body of knowledge etc.

A great institution where one gets a digital badge in order to ensure that the profile creates its own identity in terms of skills and proficiency. The best part about this institution is that you can showcase your badge even on the digital space, it acts as a verifiable token of the TMI credential.

Human Resource Management Capstone, Coursera

• Duration:- 18 hours

• What you’re offered:- the course offered here covers topics such as policies, practices of human resource management, how to manage employee management etc. This project also covers the challenges faced in the workplace and how to deal with such situations. For each area, the learners will be covering the areas of challenges faced.

Certifications, courses, and credentials such as these focus on diverse global workforce providing insights into managing a rapidly evolving workplace, encouraging a healthy work environment and accelerating successful businesses.

A professional with these HR certifications will be able to perform much better in their career, not just this but they’re also highly sought after by organizations looking for a change.

We need HR professionals more than ever now!